Create a host in UI when building and runnning Foreman from source code.

1. Infrastructure --> domains
Select 'new domain'
Input something like :
DNS domain :
Description: mydomain
Dns Proxy: None

2. Configure --> Environments
Select 'new Puppet environment'
Name: Env1

3. Hosts --> Operating systems
Select 'New Operating System'

  • Operating System tab:
    Name : Fedora
    Major Version: 19
    OS family: RedHat
    Architectures: Select All
  • Partition table tab:
    Partition tables - Select all
  • Installation media tab:
    Select Fedora mirror
4. Hosts --> New Host
  • Host tab:
    Name: host1
    Env: select the env created in step 2
  • Network tab:
    MAC address : fill some example address, make sure its format is correct
    Domain: select domain created in step 1
  • Operating System tab:
    Select architecture -doesn't matter which
    Operating system: Fedora 19 (or any other - as created in step 3)
    Media: Fedora mirror
    Partition table: kickstart default
    Root password - any 8 characters (it's fake anyway...)
  • Click 'Submit'