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h1. Development Resources


h2. Current Sprint

* [[Current Sprint Information]]

h2. Deep Dives

h3. Content has been promoted to the Foreman web site

The content from this page has been incorporated into the official "": web site. You can access it here:

* "*Foreman screenshots & videos: Deep Dives*":

The archived version of this page is "still available":/projects/foreman/wiki/Development_Resources?version=13

h3. Upcoming deep dives

Upcoming topics are on the [[Upcoming Deep Dives]] page - feel free to add more suggested topics!

h2. Patch reviews

* [[Reviewing patches]] - some notes about things to check for when reviewing PRs

h2. Packaging

Foreman is packaged as both RPMs (for EL, Fedora) and Debian packages.

* [[RPM Packaging]]
* [[Debian Packaging]]
* [[Installer Packaging]]

h2. Release process

Each major release of Foreman is managed by a release nanny. They will follow (and amend) the process in [[Release Process]].

* [[Foreman 1.7 Schedule]]
* [[Foreman 1.8 Schedule]]

h2. Developer documentation and designs

* [[granular_permission_system|Granular permission system (aka new permission system)]]
* [[create_host_UI_when_build_from_source|Create a host in UI when building and runnning Foreman from sources]]
* [[API v2 Development Guidelines]]

h2. Redmine

* [[Triage process]] - how to triage redmine issues

h2. friendly_id gem

* [[friendly_id]] gem is used by Foreman to unify the the common find logic between UI and API based on id or friendly_id "name" of resource