ERF12-2357 - Unable to set DNS entry

Generic or SSL connection errors

Please see Proxy_communication_errors first for SSL or communication errors, which aren't specific to this particular proxy action.

Foreman 1.5.0 and GSS-TSIG provider

Version 1.5.0 of the smart proxy had a bug in the nsupdate_gss (GSS-TSIG) DNS provider, fixed via #5675 for Foreman 1.5.1.

E, [2014-05-12T08:54:05.982995 #18598] ERROR -- : can't convert nil into String
D, [2014-05-12T08:54:05.983154 #18598] DEBUG -- : /usr/share/foreman-proxy/bin/../lib/proxy/dns/nsupdate.rb:12:in `exists?'
/usr/share/foreman-proxy/bin/../lib/proxy/dns/nsupdate.rb:12:in `initialize'
/usr/share/foreman-proxy/bin/../lib/proxy/dns/nsupdate_gss.rb:15:in `initialize'