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h2. I'm not using Storeconfigs, how can I still use Foreman?

See [[Puppet Facts]]

h2. I'm using Storeconfigs, how can I populate various settings in Foreman that are required for hands free (unattended) installations?

See [[Puppet Facts]]

h2. I don't want to use Foreman for unattended installations can I disable it?

see [[Unattended_installations#Desactivation]]

h2. How can I migrate from an other External Node Classifier to Foreman ?

see [[External Nodes#Import-your-external-node-setup-from-an-older-external-node-setup]]

h2. How do I configure my database ?

see [[Database configuration]]

h2. Can I switch from SQLite to MySQL and keep my data ?

see [[Database_configuration]]

h2. What about other operating systems?

see [[Other_operating_system]]

h2. Will Foreman manage non OpenSource services (e.g. DNS/DHCP etc) ?

Yes! we understand that many enterprises relay on non opensource infrastrucutre as well. We support MS DNS and DHCP services
If you have any additional requirements, please enter a feature request.

h2. Whats planned for the next major release?

See the "roadmap":

If you want additional features, please open a new feature request "here": !

h2. I want to contribute, how can I do ?

see [[Contribute]]