Foreman 1.14 Schedule

Release manager: Dominic Cleal

To be timed for approximately three months after the 1.13.0 release (see Foreman_113_Schedule).

Dates are subject to change and may slip.

  1. Weds 7th September: development start (1.13-stable branched)
  2. Thurs 6th October: 1.13.0 released, 1.14.0 should be three months later
  3. Mon 31st October: branch warning to -dev
  4. Mon 5th to Tues 6th December: branch to 1.14-stable
    • delayed due to #15779, package builds and tests all failing (moved out of release)
  5. Weds 14th December: 1.14.0-RC1
  6. Thurs 22nd December: 1.14.0-RC2
  7. Fri 6th January 2017: 1.14.0-RC3
  8. Mon 16th January: 1.14.0
  9. Thurs 2nd February: 1.14.1
  10. Thurs 2nd March: 1.14.2
  11. Tue 4th April: 1.14.3
  12. approx start of May: 1.14.4. subject to enough fixes
    • on hold, only one planned fix is ready
  13. no further releases planned

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