Foreman 1.7 Schedule

Normal quarterly release: 1.6.0 was start of September, so aiming for start of December.

Dates are subject to change and may slip.

  1. Wed 6th August: development start (1.6-stable branched)
  2. Fri 10th October: i18n started on develop branch
  3. Tue 14th October: generate and begin 1.7 manual
  4. Tue 28th October: branch to 1.7-stable
  5. Tue 4th November: tag and release 1.7.0-RC1
    • Slipped to Tue 11th November, due to delay setting up Koji and last-minute features
  6. Tue 25th November: tag and release 1.7.0-RC2
  7. Tue 2nd December: tag and release 1.7.0
  8. Tue 16th December: tag and release 1.7.1
  9. Tue 27th January: tag and release 1.7.2
  10. Wed 4th March: tag and release 1.7.3
  11. Wed 25th March: tag and release 1.7.4 to fix .3 regressions
  12. Wed 29th April: tag and release 1.7.5 to fix CVE-2015-1844
  13. no current plans for a 1.7.6 release