Foreman 1.9 Schedule

Normal quarterly release: 1.8.0 was at the very end of April, so aiming for start of August.

Dates are subject to change and may slip.

  1. Tue 24th February: development start (1.8-stable branched)
  2. Thu 28th May: branching warning to -dev
  3. Fri 26th June: branch to 1.9-stable
  4. Mon 6th July: 1.9.0-RC1
  5. Mon 20th July: 1.9.0-RC2
  6. Fri 7th August: 1.9.0-RC3
  7. Tue 18th August: 1.9.0
  8. Fri 11th September: 1.9.1
    • to include CVE-2015-5233 (#11579)
  9. Tue 22nd September: 1.9.2
  10. Tue 3rd November: 1.9.3
  11. No further minor releases planned, moving onto Foreman_110_Schedule
    • if this changes, add #11034 to candidates list

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