Martin Matuška documented his approach to provision FreeBSD with mfsBSD here. He also gave a talk on AsiaBSDCon 2014 about it; the recording is available here.

Using the templates from the community-templates (included in Foreman 1.5+), drop the ramdisk into your TFTP root and you should be fine, at least for FreeBSD 10.0-RELEASE/amd64.

Please note that 10.0-RELEASE is EOL since the 28th of February 2015. For this particular release pkg is still used to install puppet.

You are encouraged to test it in newer releases. Should it work for you, please share it here ]:-)

Packages and Ports

You can run Foreman itself and also others of its' utils on FreeBSD!

Packages are available, so you do not need to compile anything to start using Foreman.

Here we have a list of few ports available in the FreeBSD Ports Collection:

Installing Packages or Ports

Considering you already have bootstraped pkg or you checked out the Ports Collection using svnlite under '/usr/ports', here is an example of installing the Smart Proxy:

  • Installing via pkg
# pkg update -f
# pkg install -U net/foreman-proxy
  • Installing via Ports Collection
# svnlite update /usr/ports
# cd /usr/ports
# make -s -C net/foreman-proxy all install clean

Replace the name of the available package or port you would like to install, than you have it!