Martin Matuška documented his approach to provision FreeBSD with mfsBSD here
Using the templates from the community-templates (Included in Foreman 1.5+), drop the ramdisk into your TFTP root and you should be fine, at least for FreeBSD 10.0-RELEASE on amd64. Note, that pkgng is used for the puppet installation.

Smart Proxy

You can run the smart proxy on FreeBSD, a port is available as net/foreman-proxy


A hammer port is also available as sysutils/rubygem-hammer_cli_foreman

Kafo / foreman-installer

While kafo is ported under devel/rubygem-kafo it will be still a lot of work to get all the puppet modules updated to also work on FreeBSD

Foreman itself

Foreman is reported to work just fine on FreeBSD as git installation, a port doesn't exist at the moment.