Hammer - Next gen CLI tool.

At this point I have a basic CLI tool written that can do simple queries and searches: Foremancli

There are a few features that a full tool will need.
  1. Ability to provision
  2. Ability to edit attributes of a resource or group eg: Give a hostgroup a puppetclass or a custom fact
  3. Ability to interact with subcollections e.g. /hosts/fqdn/facts
  4. Ability to do everything the rake tasks can do (short of local tasks like starting and stopping the server)
  5. Make hammer a library that can be called from other Ruby tools

First go at some code is at

hashing out syntax:

hammer --globalflags command [subcommand] (options)

-d, --debug                      Output more information
-u, --user USER Foreman user
-p, --pass PASSWORD Foreman password
-s, --server URL Foreman Server URL
--json JSON output
--yaml YAML output

hammer domain (list, show, create, delete, update)

hammer environment (list, show, create, delete, update)

hammer hostgroup (list, show, create, delete, update)

hammer host (list, show, create, delete, update)

hammer exec [SCRIPT] (Basically incorporate ssh_using_foreman_)

hammer help

hammer search (Incorporates search from foremancli

hammer status

hammer dns

hammer dhcp

hammer tftp

hammer puppetca (list, show, sign, clean, autosign, delete)

hammer puppet (run)

hammer server