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h2. Requirements

before you start, make sure you have:

* Puppet >= 0.24-4
* rake >= 0.84
* git

The installation has been successfully tested on RHE5 and Ubuntu 8.04 - 9.04, for older operating systems you might need additional packages (e.g. sqlite)

h2. Download

to get latest "stable" version do:

<pre><code>git clone git:// foreman
cd foreman
git submodule init
git submodule update

* if you are behind a proxy or firewall and dont have access to github using the git protocol, use http protocol instead (e.g.)

git clone foreman
cd foreman
sed -i 's/git:\/\//http:\/\//g'

and edit the
git submodule init
git submodule update

(replace git:// with http:// and follow the previous instructions

h2. Initial setup

if you want to share the database with Puppets (storeconfig) edit config/database.yml and configure the *production* database to point to the same database, if not, you can use any other database rails support(MySQL, Sqlite etc)

to initialize the database schema type:
<code>RAILS_ENV=production rake db:migrate</code>
to start the built in web server:
<code>./script/server -e production</code>

If you would like to keep the server running, I would recommend to setup passenger, an puppet manifest example could be found [[Passenger setup example|here]].

Great - everything works! now learn what you can do by reading the [[FAQ]]

h2. Updates

If you would like to update to the latest version of the foreman, execute the following on the foreman directory
<pre><code>git pull
RAILS_ENV=production rake db:migrate

and restart your web service.