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List of Plugins

Many of the available plugins have RPM and Debian packages available from our plugin repositories. See Install a Plugin in the Foreman manual for more information.

If you'd like to see a plugin packaged, either file an issue, write to the mailing list, or best, send a pull request to foreman-packaging.

Foreman plugins

Name URL Description RPM? Deb?
bastion AngularJS-based single page UI framework for other plugins yes
foreman_abrt Foreman plugin for displaying reports from Automatic Bug Reporting Tool yes
foreman_audited_notifications Sends Audit notifications to Email and IRC (Currently via rbot) for all (most) changes happening in Foreman
foreman_bootdisk Creates iPXE-based ISO and USB boot disks to provision hosts without the need for PXE infrastructure yes yes
foreman_chef Chef configuration management integration yes yes
foreman_column_view Adds a new column to the Hosts view. The user can define what the column should display yes yes
foreman_plugin_computeresource_ add_remove_interface Adds or removes a given interface to a VMware guest when build and removes it afterwards
foreman_content (Unmaintained) Provides repository synchronization and management in Foreman using Pulp
foreman_custom_parameters Implements "custom fields" functionality by defining default parameters yes
foreman_default_hostgroup Add newly-created hosts to a default host group when they check in through Puppet yes yes
foreman_dhcp_browser List, create, update and delete dhcp records outside of foreman host creation yes yes
foreman_digitalocean Enables provisioning and managing of DigitalOcean droplets in Foreman yes
foreman_discovery Metal-as-a-Service functionality for Foreman yes yes
foreman_docker Docker container management and provisioning yes yes
foreman_epel_release This plugin exposes a new route /epel-release/:version/:arch which redirects to the latest Fedora EPEL release RPM package
foreman_graphite Send foreman rails application performance metrics to graphite in real time yes yes
foreman_hooks Executes hook scripts on lifecycle events in Foreman, allowing you to integrate Foreman quickly into other systems yes yes
foreman_host_overview Extends the properties table for a host to include VNC & RDP links, as well as the host's certificate name
foreman_host_rundeck Creates a yaml representation of rundeck on host. yes yes
foreman_mco (Unmaintained) Manage remote execution using Foreman + MCollective yes
foreman_memcache Adds memcache support for foreman yes yes
foreman_one A foreman plugin to provision and manage OpenNebula virtual machines from Foreman yes yes
foreman_openstack_cluster Sets up host groups for provisioning hosts in OpenStack clusters yes
foreman_ovirt This plugin allows oVirt users to view Foreman data from within the oVirt Administration Portal
foreman_param_lookup Exposes smart class parameters lookups as an API, used with foreman_data_binding and automatic Puppet 3 data lookups yes
foreman_plugin_exec_cmd Executes a configured command on host events in Foreman
foreman_radiator This plugin allows users to view from within Foreman the radiator page found in Puppet Dashboard
foreman_reserve This plugin implements a new custom API call at /api/hosts_reserve that returns the name of available host(s) and updates the host's parameters yes
foreman_resources Manages individual Puppet resources in Foreman, for use with create_resources
foreman_reverse_proxy renders foreman_url using url set by smart proxy reverse_proxy plugin
foreman_salt Salt configuration management integration yes yes
foreman_setup It helps set up provisioning in two parts using a wizard: a) helps you enter network info and then tells you how to run Foreman installer to set up DHCP and DNS management, b) sets up an OS with templates, installation media and everything you need yes yes
foreman-tasks Background task management engine for Foreman, used by other plugins yes
foreman_templates Sync templates from the Foreman Community Templates repo (or your own git repo, optionally) to Foreman's provisioning templates yes yes
foreman_xen Provision and manage Xen Server in Foreman yes yes
hostgroup_extra_validator_foreman Adds a new customizable validator for hostgroups
hubot_notify Sends an HTTP message (via POST) to a webservice (hubot) for reposting to an IRC channel on build events
puppetdb_foreman Deactivates puppetdb nodes associated with a host when the host is deleted yes yes
staypuft Staypuft is the name of the OpenStack Foreman Installer plugin for The Foreman. yes
ovirt_provision_plugin Ovirt provision plugin sends API request to oVirt management to reinstall host id after discovered hosts are first provisioned by oVirt engine (Using foreman provider integration). yes

Plugins for Foreman in other software

Name URL Description
foreman-ansible An Ansible ENC (external node classifier) to get, group and classify nodes based on the Puppet facts in The Foreman
foreman_data_binding Uses Foreman's smart class parameters with Puppet 3's data binding feature
mcollective-foreman Uses foreman as a discovery agent for Marionette Collective
foreman-wimaging Create windows server images for Foreman with Wimaging

Foreman-related tools

Name URL Description
foreman-host-builder Use python-foreman to build sets of hosts in Foreman
foreman-architect foreman-architect Automation scripts for Foreman to create a complete virtual machine environment using Foreman.
YAFCT Foreman CLI in Python
docker-foreman A set of scripts and Dockerfile to run a Foreman Docker container