Parameterized class development

NOTE This feature has been complete and its part of 1.1, the documentation below is inaccurate.


Parameterized classes is the notion in puppet of when including a certain class(aka recipe) you could pass specific variables that exists in that class context - very similar to methods / functions arguments.

until puppet version 2.6.something most variables were either global (per catalog compilation per node, so its not really global), or existed in a certain scope, parameterized classes aim to solve that + the ability to extract the variable values from the puppet code itself.

the implementation here breaks into two:

update interface between puppet and foreman

Since foreman uses puppet ENC (External Node classifier) interface, we would need to pass the key / value pairs and allow users to decide if they want to keep the existing behavior or the new behavior.

I expect this to be trivial.

Getting the right variables

the idea here is to reuse foreman Smart_Variables which already supports all of the complication that is needed in order to resolve the 'right' value to a given system.

This set of tasks can be broken into three

  1. Add more complex data types (such as hashes and arrays to smartvars).
  2. Extend smart vars to be optional / mandatory etc.
  3. Extend the host model and view to assign variables in a simple context (e.g. if a variable to puppet class X could be overwritten per system we could offer the user to override it).

upstream relevant issues


Olivier Favre (ofavre) is working on this issue.
Here is his analysis of the resolution.