Redmine is deployed on a Scaleway VM, in the Paris datacenter. The box runs Centos7, and consequently uses Ruby 2.0 and PSQL 9.2.

A copy of the git repository is stored here: When upgrading Redmine it is required to rebase our changes onto the new upstream ref, and then push that back to our fork.

The repository is a copy of Redmine's master branch with the following changes:

  • e-mail configuration using, under config/configuration.yml
  • a few local customisation commits such as images and spider blocks

This should be kept up to date from the Redmine project by merging in upstream/master on a regular basis.

Note there are also some cron jobs (handled in foreman-infra Puppet code), and plugins (some of which are tracked as submodules, but care should be taken).


The Redmine database and files are backed up daily to the Puppetmaster via Dirvish. Should you need to recover the setup, apply the Puppet manifests from foreman-infra to a new Centos host, and then restore the backup DB to PostgreSQL and the files to /var/lib/redmine.


A similar Scaleway API script to the one on Infrastructure_Discourse should probably be applied to take volume-level snapshots. Check the Scaleway budget before doing this, as snapshot storage has a cost.