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Romain Vrignaud, 12/05/2011 03:30 AM

Roadmap meeting

Please add your own wishlist here, we would review these topics during the meeting, Order has no meaning.

Dec 05 2011 : 7pm UTC on #theforeman (Freenode)

Important Issues to review

  • Mcollective integration
  • Pulp Admin integration
  • Parameterized classes support (#832)
  • Controlling the BMC through IPMI
    • control boot order
    • power controls
  • Remove dependency of virt in foreman
    • make a more generic layer that allows for any 3rd party virtualization tools (ovirt, virt, libvirt, aws, fog, ...)
  • Ruby version support
  • create external service for 3rd party tools
    • wrapper service that acts as the middle man to talk to foreman and 3rd party tools
    • Can handle compatibility better
    • Better security
      • Security related issues, that so far have been handled outside Foreman, like restricting who can POST Reports and Facts. Ideally Foreman should handle them. #1169
  • Password Encryption
  • DB data versioning (Templates, parameters, etc - possibility to revert to a previous state)
  • Cloud provisioning and unattended access/security related (#969)
  • Audits to Hostgroups/Classes/Parameters/Provisioning should have be displayed on the Dashboard, perhaps with some Visualization?

Organizational topics

  • Git and Release maintenance
  • Packaging
  • Puppet-Foreman deployment recipes - Isolate namespace (as in : ? Or not ?
  • Bug/Feature reviews