Roadmap meeting May 2013



  • Chef support :
    • bring more people to Foreman community
    • inventory and reports abstraction possible
    • we may be publish doc to provision chef server / clients with foreman
    • abstract reporting and inventory on a flexible format and move it to proxies
  • DNS service support
    • move DNS support to fog ?
    • 1.2 should bring proxy plugin support => maybe DNS public providers should be plugins ?
    • question is should the core or proxy manage proxies
    • how is managed the support of HTTP proxy / security
      ACTION: Follow up in the users list for concerns/existing pain points
  • plugins in proxy support
    • make proxy a rails app ? -4
    • proxy may autoload plugins via gems ? +2
    • adding additional REST APIs to the proxies
    • break actual proxies features to plugins ?
      ACTION: Design thread on foreman-dev (Sam)
  • Host self-registration
    • the idea is that cloud instances can be provisioned via tools like autoscaling, cloudformation and cloning
    • manage certificate and hostgroup registration
    • new host type (like discoverd) ?
    • maybe look to chef auto registration support ?
    • perhaps query the CR to verify the client's identity
    • whitelist some subnet to allow autoregistered hosts ?
    • API key included in images to allow auto registration
      ACTION: Start design discussion on devel list (bgupta)
  • Bare metal provisioning workflow improvement
    • add DHCP editor ?
    • configure BMC with ipmi calls
    • configure BMC card directly on discovery image
    • support IPMI, iLO and DRAC
      ACTION: ^conner should send email to sum up
  • VPC sgw e is no mapping between fog server network, and subnet in foreman host model
    • VPC is the future of EC2
    • how integrate network information with host page (vm tab or network tab ?) abstract fog networks
  • Service orchestration
    • stacker is a multi resource deployment service (e.g. you need x vms type A, y vms type B, z floating ips) (
    • recently updated to be a Foreman plugin/engine (, engine branch)
    • I would imagine we could have plenty of resources, like network, storage, and higher level services (such as db, lb etC)
    • we lack the hw info on the hostgroup level (e.g. if we do hostgroup based provisioning, what is the hw spec we need to lunch)
    • we lack more resources (e.g. now we only have hosts)
    • similar projects : Heat (openstack), Cloudformation (AWS), Juju
  • Mcollective support
    • trouble with PL to release Volcane plugin
    • would give ability to do something like :
      ACTION: (ohadlevy) to investigate options
  • UI support for hosts with multiple IP addresses
    • ?
  • Inherited parameters for virtualized hosts from hostgroups
    • i.e. CR defaults stored in hostgroups
    • talking about redesigning hostgroups majorly, but nobody's done the design task yet
      ACTION : (Dominic) design discussion on refacotring hostgroups
  • Multihostgroup support
    • supports multiple inheritance
    • how to solve conflicts
    • chef seems to support thing like that
      ACTION : (fitzdsl) bounce email to start multiple inheritance support


  • Meeting cycle
    • ??-release schedule ?
    • timed base meeting ?
  • Timed release cycle
    • 4 release / year would be ideal
  • Debian packaging
    • current packages do not meet Debian guidelines
    • need to package our own gems into debian packages

New proposals for May 2013 meeting

Please add your own wishlist here, we would review these topics during the meeting, Order has no meaning.


  • Chef support (bgupta)
  • Saltstack support (ENC) (bgupta)
  • Ansible support (ENC) (bgupta)
  • Add DNS Service providers: (bgupta)
    • DNSmadeeasy support
    • Route53 (jhoblitt)
    • Dynect
  • A sane and secure way for nodes to self register (bgupta)
  • improvement in bare metal provisioning workflow (jhoblitt)
    • Support for adding DHCP entries/etc. for the BMC in advance of provisioning the host (jhoblitt)
    • BMCs come with a default user/pass, it would be nice if theforeman could "provision" the BMC by setting the user/pass
    • Better support of provisioning things that are unlikely to be managed by puppet (jhoblitt)
      • Eg, set DHCP/DNS entries for a managed UPS (jhoblitt)
  • EC2 VPC provisioning support (Might be there already?) (bgupta)
    • Better support for Elastic IPs and assigning IP addresses VPC-style (bgupta)
  • Service orchestration (Stacker) (bgupta)
  • Public code libraries of templates (bgupta)
  • Google Compute Engine support (Need to get a beta account) (bgupta)
  • Generic "scriptrunner" support to add support for mcollective (bgupta)
    • Related to mcollective, I'd like to see "puppet run" replaced with some sort of mco integration to start a puppet run or restart the puppet agent (jhoblitt)
  • Puppet auditing support (bgupta)
  • UI support for hosts with multiple IP addresses (ddoc)
  • Native fact reporting module (jb)
    • 1. Interface that would allow you to generate a report that listed all hosts, their $os, their $memory and $whateverelse
    • 2. Tnterface that would show me all hosts where the fact "location = DC1," "os = linux," and "is_virtual = no" for example)


  • Next meeting, when?
  • Discuss pros and cons of a timed release cycle (bgupta)
  • Do we want to pursue upstream packaging in Debian, or do we think we are moving to fast? (Targeting Jessie or Wheezy-backports)