Upcoming Deep Dives

We try to hold regular deep dive sessions, showing a feature of Foreman in detail. Please update this page with any Foreman-related topic you'd like to see! Add your name underneath existing topics you're interested in so we can gauge interest.


  • Orchestration
    • Dominic
  • Foreman UI
    • Rails 3.2 asset pipeline
  • APIv2 features: nesting etc
  • Foreman-Proxy
    • Adding new DNS/DHCP/etc. back ends
      • Joshua Hoblitt
    • Adding Secure Windows DNS TSIG communication (Feature #1685)
      • Oliver Weinmann
  • Creating plugins


  • Tues 30th April: Discovery of Bare Metal resources (Greg Sutcliffe)
  • Tues 7th May: ?