From 06/23/2016 to 07/22/2016


08:21 AM Feature #15752 (Closed): add option to continue importing csv even if a row fails
Currently, when a row fails to import the run is aborted. Add option to allow continuing import. Thomas McKay


04:02 PM Bug #15744 (Closed): bump version to 2.1
Applied in changeset commit:hammer-cli-csv|8b6ea7ed839393b77c37cf1d144e02e3f3943abc. Thomas McKay
01:47 PM Bug #15744 (Closed): bump version to 2.1
Thomas McKay
03:36 PM Bug #15748 (Closed): Test with Ruby 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3 and not with 1.9.3
hammer-cli, hammer-cli-foreman, and hammer-cli-katello have all already done so. This should be a simple change to th... Andrew Kofink
03:18 PM Revision 40d61e71 (hammer-cli-csv): Merge pull request #114 from thomasmckay/15744-v2.1
fixes #15744 - master is now v2.1 Thomas McKay
03:13 PM Revision 8b6ea7ed (hammer-cli-csv): fixes #15744 - master is now v2.1
Thomas McKay
02:44 PM Bug #15747 (New): add column for download policy
The download policy should be reflected in the export/import of repositories. Thomas McKay
01:51 PM Bug #5513 (Closed): csv module: undefined method `version'
$ hammer --version
hammer (0.6.0)
* hammer_cli_csv (2.1.0)
Thomas McKay
01:39 PM Bug #15743 (Closed): when attaching subscriptions to content hosts handle multiple matches
Currently when multiple subs match what a host is trying to attach during import there is no algorithm for choosing a... Thomas McKay
12:21 PM Feature #15740 (Closed): refactor and update subscriptions and products to move red hat repo enable to products
The subscriptions subcommand was used to enable Red Hat repos. Instead, move to products where they more naturally be... Thomas McKay


08:59 AM Bug #15587 (New): convert Sat-5 export format to hammer csv input format
The 'hammer import' command takes in csv from a Sat-5 export. The intention is to replace the import command with the... Thomas McKay


03:16 PM Bug #15581 (Closed): hammer csv doesn't obey request_timeout
Cloned from
Description of problem:
Execution of below comman...
Thomas McKay


11:03 AM Feature #15310 (Closed): subscriptions export should output the subs from the manifest
Applied in changeset commit:hammer-cli-csv|f04d61a89a11a5a97d4a4f0ebb29d9443522b52d. Thomas McKay
10:35 AM Revision ed395fdd (hammer-cli-csv): Merge pull request #108 from thomasmckay/15310-export-subs
fixes #15310 - export Red Hat subscriptions as comments Thomas McKay

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