From 10/31/2016 to 11/29/2016


04:39 PM Bug #17511 (New): only import specified columns when --columns is specified for content-hosts
Should custom columns be included? Perhaps with a "buyer beware" warning in the docs? Thomas McKay
04:26 PM Feature #17510 (Closed): add configurable column export for content-hosts
Allow configuration and control of columns to be exported.
See associated PR for more details.
Thomas McKay
02:54 PM Bug #17505 (Closed): attempting to assign hypervisor/guest subscriptions yields "too many subscriptions match"
To reproduce:... Thomas McKay


07:00 PM Bug #17453 (Closed): use /rhsm api to update content host facts
Use PUT /rhsm/consumers/:id to update facts in candlepin. This will allow hypervisors to set their socket count corre... Thomas McKay


05:02 PM Bug #17259 (Closed): support import/export docker products
Applied in changeset commit:hammer-cli-csv|f4fb9c2018603a21b257915b741e8b1309d5789c. Thomas McKay
04:36 PM Revision f4fb9c20 (hammer-cli-csv): fixes #17259 - products columns for docker content
Thomas McKay
11:59 AM Bug #17420 (Closed): ActivationKey itemized subscription tests do not use the TestCorp manifest subscriptions
The activation key tests for itemized subscriptions should use the subscriptions included in the TestCorp manifest so... Andrew Kofink


08:01 AM Bug #17307 (Closed): hammer csv -h fails with uninitialized constant
Andrew Kofink
07:15 AM Bug #17307 (Closed): hammer csv -h fails with uninitialized constant
To reproduce:
$ hammer csv -h
Error: uninitialized constant HammerCLICsv::Help
Andrew Kofink
08:01 AM Revision cea2c1b9 (hammer-cli-csv): Fixes #17307 - move help module out of CsvCommand (#137)
Andrew Kofink


02:30 PM Bug #17259 (Closed): support import/export docker products
add docker content type repos to products Thomas McKay


11:01 AM Bug #17223 (Closed): SortedBuilder undefined because HammerCLI renamed it to TextBuilder
Applied in changeset commit:hammer-cli-csv|0bd50d7a2ba7f470e8fdee1f39eee44f38dbc349. Anonymous
09:55 AM Bug #17223 (Closed): SortedBuilder undefined because HammerCLI renamed it to TextBuilder
Trying to run `hammer -vd` with csv module enabled gives:
Warning: An error occured while loading module hammer_cl...
Andrew Kofink
10:07 AM Revision 0bd50d7a (hammer-cli-csv): Fixes #17223 - use HammerCLI's new help model (#135)
HammerCLICsv is broken due to
Andrew Kofink


11:02 AM Bug #17051 (Closed): activation-keys import PUT request quantity is the total quantity, not the quantity to consume by the activation key
Applied in changeset commit:hammer-cli-csv|d76bdbc02400b7ed93f8d77ef1c746b8e9936f64. Anonymous
10:18 AM Revision d76bdbc0 (hammer-cli-csv): Fixes #17051 - PUT quantity to attach for AK subs (#134)
PUT the quantity to attach to the activation key rather than the
total quantity attached
`activation-keys --itemized...
Andrew Kofink
09:01 AM Bug #16999 (Closed): creating manifest in portal fails to process results correctly
Applied in changeset commit:hammer-cli-csv|e9e0ab3ae4efea23f66446a66b9e079118b3aa19. Thomas McKay
08:21 AM Revision 68cc462a (hammer-cli-csv): Merge pull request #133 from thomasmckay/16999-portal
fixes #16999 - process portal creation Thomas McKay

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