From 05/04/2017 to 06/02/2017


01:42 PM Feature #19759 (Closed): Add the ability to skip publish and promote when importing content views
Publishing and promoting content views during import is kind of useless because you can't import filters before you i... David Davis


05:37 PM Bug #19724: Support importing/exporting erratum filters
Importing these errata filters doesn't work:... David Davis
03:01 PM Bug #19724 (New): Support importing/exporting erratum filters
Create an erratum filter and export it via csv. You'll get something like:... David Davis
10:36 AM Bug #19722 (New): Content view filter export/import does not support arch
The architecture field seems to be missing. David Davis
09:20 AM Bug #19718 (Closed): content-views import fails when content view has not yet been published
1. Create a content view (no repos necessary; do not publish)
2. Export content views (`ha...
Andrew Kofink


01:01 PM Bug #18864 (Closed): As a user, I want a way to clear existing subs during --itemized-subscriptions import
Applied in changeset commit:hammer-cli-csv|2f22006ae1ca484754a1173dda708a27d9dd45eb. Thomas McKay
12:13 PM Revision 0030fb46 (hammer-cli-csv): vcr - re-record content_hosts tests
Thomas McKay
12:13 PM Revision 2f22006a (hammer-cli-csv): fixes #18864 - option to clear subscriptions first
Thomas McKay
11:01 AM Bug #18616 (Closed): Unable to hammer csv import products : 422 Unprocessable Entity
Applied in changeset commit:hammer-cli-csv|a2c9720932b256a762ffb1a1c5d6c393ae0aacbc. Thomas McKay
10:53 AM Revision ac187d3d (hammer-cli-csv): vcr recording tests
Thomas McKay
10:53 AM Revision a2c97209 (hammer-cli-csv): fixes #18616 - for import
Thomas McKay

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