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561a8ac9 08/26/2014 12:25 PM Thomas McKay

update roles use of api with test and docs

Note: The roles test does not work completely since changing user is not working. Unsure how to accomplish this. Tests run as admin do work.

98034f92 08/22/2014 10:48 AM David Davis

Adding rubocop to hammer-cli-csv

Fixes issue #30

a389840d 07/20/2014 07:17 PM Thomas McKay

First pass at documentation

991240c0 03/05/2014 01:50 PM Thomas McKay

readme - updated license and starting readme

ab134b85 11/05/2013 03:12 PM Thomas McKay

initial-setup - hello word

02bfb430 11/04/2013 08:55 AM Thomas McKay

Initial commit