List of Hammer Plugins

Some of the available plugins have RPM and Debian packages available from our plugin repositories. If you'd like to see a plugin packaged, either file an issue, write to the mailing list, or best, send a pull request to foreman-packaging.

Hammer CLI plugins

Name URL Description RPM? Deb?
hammer_cli_foreman General Foreman commands for managing hosts, provisioning and config management yes yes
hammer_cli_foreman_admin Commands for administrative tasks on Foreman and Smart Proxy servers yes
hammer_cli_foreman_bootdisk Commands for downloading ISOs from foreman_bootdisk plugin yes yes
hammer_cli_foreman_discovery Commands for managing Foreman Discovery provisioning plugin yes
hammer_cli_foreman_ssh Batch SSH plugin using host data from Foreman EL7+
hammer_cli_foreman_tasks Commands for background tasks with the foreman-tasks plugin
hammer_cli_gutterball Hammer CLI module for receiving reports from the foreman-gutterball plugin
hammer_cli_foreman_deployments CLI plugin to support multi-host deployments
hammer_cli_foreman_docker CLI plugin for container support
hammer_cli_foreman_salt CLI plugin for Salt support yes
hammer_cli_foreman_scc_manager CLI plugin for Foreman SCC manager
hammer_cli_katello Commands specific for Katello plugin
hammer_cli_csv Foretello data convenience utility: Import and export CSV data
hammer_cli_import Hammer CLI plugin for mass importing data from an existing Satellite/Spacewalk server into a Katello server

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