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Targeted Release

Foreman 1.9 / Katello 2.3

Targeted Persona

Samuel - System Engineer


Use Cases

Owner - David Caplan
Status - In Progress
Expected Delivery - TBD
Blockers - None


Owner - Mike Mccune / David Caplan
Status - Not Started
Expected Delivery - TBD
Blockers - Waiting on User Stories


Owner - Kyle Baker
Status - Not Started
Blockers - Waiting on User Stories & Requirements
Last updated - --

Development Stories

Owner - Foreman (TBD) Katello (TBD)
Status - Not Started
Expected Delivery - TBD
Blockers - Waiting on Wireframes




Use Cases

  • Operational demands are too excessive
  • +1 on Subs
  • duplication of function
  • Correction
    • Collapse the Sync Host functionality into Katello/Foreman and declare victory.
    • Parity with Satellite 5. Single workflow, export
    • Unrelated work to package CDN into ISOs as another means, Katello/Foreman will be able to directly import these content ISOs. Alternate 
  • Export Content Views (Part 2)
  • Workflows: Basic
    • Katello/Foreman Operator (a.k.a “Operator”) imports Manifest into Katello/Foreman
    • Operator enables repos for syncing
    • Sync is started
    • After Sync is complete the Operator can immediately perform an export of the last sync of enable repos
      • Alternatively the Operator can add or remove existing enabled repos prior to the export
    • At any time the Operator can visit the repo table in the library and check off which products/packages are needed for export and then submit.
    • In all cases the Operator must specify a filesystem to the install and optionally indicate that the repo data be compressed
  • Workflows: Advanced
    • The Operator can list all resources created on the Katello/Foreman by Organization
    • From this list the Operator can select resources to be packaged for export
    • The packaging process tracks dependencies with repos in the library
      • e.g. collections of CV’s selected for export will require specific repos in the library, those repos will be automatically included in the export
    • All exported meta-data is encrypted and can only be imported by a registered Katello/Foreman of the same version (or newer by 1 minor release 6.0 -> 6.1)
    • The export process creates a human readable export manifest that identifies each included resource type along with time stamps and other related meta-data
    • The exported bundle can then be imported into a registered Katello/Foreman in 2 stages
      • Stage 1: All content views appear in the library only
      • Stage 2: CV and CCV are auto published and promoted into matching environments (missing environments are auto created)
    • The exported bundle can be transported to the intended Katello/Foreman using SSL and a web service established just for this purpose.
    • The exported bundle can be simultaneously transported to multiple Katello/Foreman 
    • All Export activity is logged
  • Inter Sat sync is an HTTP connection
  • Message bus application publish CV’s on the bus, Katello/Foreman's subscribe


  • TBD

Development Stories

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