Errata Management


Errata Management should be improved so that a user can know when new errata have been brought down, and can view the relationship between errata and hosts. Errata Notifications should be simplified so that customers recieve fewer coarse grained emails, rather then more fine grained emails.

For these requirements we use these definitions:
  • Applicable: An errata will be applied if the host runs yum update
  • Available: An errata has been synced, but not promoted to where a host can consume it
  • Present: An errata has been synced, but would never be applied to a host by yum update.

Targeted Release

Foreman 1.7 / Katello 2.2

Targeted Persona

Samuel - System Engineer
System Administrator


Use Cases

Owner - David Caplan
Status - Done
Blockers - None


Owner - Mike Mccune / David Caplan
Status - Done
Blockers - None


Owner - Kyle Baker
Status - Done
Blockers - None
Last updated 10/29/2014 -

Development Tasks

Owner - Walden Raines
Status - In Progress
Expected Delivery - TBD
Blockers - None




Use Cases

  • Please include a story describing how the user would transverse this feature including the workflow. This story ideally would include what their actions would be before and after completion of the task.


1. Users should be able to subscribe to email notifications from Katello/Foreman

2. The following notification types should be supported for Errata:
  • Per Sync Emails. This notification shows new errata which have been synced and which environments/hosts the errata are applicable for.
    • One email is sent per sync
    • The email is a plain Text Email should be a list of Errata that were synced with descriptions and links to the errata detail page.
  • Per Promotion. This notification states states new errata have been promoted to an environment and the hosts which are impacted.
    • This should be one email per promotion
    • Plain Text Email should be a list of Errata that were synced with descriptions and links to the errata detail page
    • Users should be able to select which environment I can get notifications on
  • My Visible Host Email: This is a daily email for "My Hosts"
    • MY Hosts should be the hosts which the user can see via RBAC, grouped by organization
    • This email is a plain text email should be a list of the systems, with count of available and count of applicable errata by types
    • System Name should be a link the system detail page.

3. Existing Puppet reports should be an email notification type that users can subscribe to.

4. Users should be able to subscribe to errata notifications
  • see also
  • Users should be able to limit the environments they receive per promotion notifications on.
  • Users should be able to select, or not, each notification type
  • RBAC should control access to this selection page.
5. Errata Page
  • The Errata Dashboard Widget should show the newly synced errata. Clicking on dashboard widget should take user to an errata page
  • Errata Page
    • Should be able to filter errata by product
    • Should be able to filter by errata type
    • Should be able to order all errata by date
    • Should be able to search by CVE
    • The listings should show product, number of systems impacted, updated, short description
      • The number be clickable and take you to the bulk action page for those systems with that errata selected
    • Should be able to get details on the errata including what hosts will be impacted (globally or per environment)
6. Host View

7. The content host list should include the applicable errata count.

8. Environment / Content View
  • It should be possible to view an Environment and Content View, and see the available errata based on the previous environment or the library

9. Email sending should support local sendmail or SMTP.

10. Hammer should be updated to expose all features

Development Tasks


  1. Katello: Main Features
  2. Foreman: Notification Engine
  3. Bastion: Content Browser

Future Requirements (specifically not in)

  1. Online editing of errata notifications
  2. Unique smtp servers per org.
  3. SMS / Text Notification
  4. Determining what errata would be pulled down if you synced

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