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Kyle Baker, 12/15/2014 11:51 AM

Incremental Update


This is a template to start with. To create new feature, make up a URL of your preference and set Parent page (bellow the form) to Features. Write a summary, owners, current status and keep the page up to date.

Targeted Release

Foreman 1.7 / Katello 2.2



Targeted Persona

Samuel - System Engineer
System Administrator


User Stories

Owner - David Caplan
Status - Done
Blockers - None


Owner - Mike Mccune / David Caplan
Status - Done
Blockers - None


Owner - Kyle Baker
Status - Done
Blockers - None
Last updated 11/14/2014 -

Development Tasks

Owner - Walden Raines
Status - In Progress
Expected Delivery - TBD
Blockers - None


User Stories


  • User stories will be broken down of the into specific actionable tasks to design and develop against.

Development Tasks

See Redmine:

Future Ideas (May design out and pull in if feasible):

  • As a user, repoclosure should be run at some point during the process to tell me if there is a dependency issue, either afterwards or as part of the process halting the push to an environment
  • As a user, I should be able to select multiple packages, and 'apply them' to multiple content views in multiple environments. (for 6.1? or 6.2?)