Daniel, System Administrator, ACME Financial Services Company

“We are hands on, managing the infrastructure every day.”

Daily Katello/Foreman Usage
2 Hours
Years of Experience
4 Years
Primary Role
Role Description
In my role I add/remove systems from Katello/Foreman, run remote commands, schedule updates, provision new systems, etc. I run he maintenance window. We are responsible for the new hardware and VMs running in our organization. We are the centralized support of host deployment within our business unit. There are two other business suits in this organization.

Web Properties Business Unit - Deployment Process

What is a typical day at work?

I will check mail lists or release portal and see if there are any notifications for updates. Continue my task of maintaining workstations to ensure our the proper Engineering approved hosts are deployed within the network. Our network needs constant monitoring for problem or outdated hosts.

We also often add new hires that require new builds and credentials.

How are the responsibilities divided on your team?

Everyone on my team is accountable for Linux and Windows systems. Our shared responsibilities include provisioning, installation/configuration, operation, and maintenance of systems hardware and software and related infrastructure

We are all also responsible for maintaining the infrastructure. We also ensure that system hardware, operating systems, software systems, and related procedures adhere to organizational values.

How do you use Katello/Foreman in your environment?

We use Katello/Foreman for troubleshooting, maintaining and implementing solutions to optimize the infrastructure operations.

We receive builds from Software Engineers and deploy them to our development and production environments. We use Katello to engineer upgrades to the current infrastructure, maintain all computer operating systems to current patch levels, install products as needed and Foreman to deploy new and perform security hardening of existing systems.

What is your biggest challenges?

The Katello/Foreman interface offers complex management workflows when all I need is to deploy a host based in the Engineers build. This simple task is very cumbersome and impossible for some of my less Linux knowledgeable coworkers.

Subscription Management
It is difficult to keep track of the ever changing entitlement status of my hosts across the network. It seems to be getting more complex.

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