Pulp 3 Integration

This page is meant to capture links to various resources around pulp3 integration

Katello Dev environment with pulp 3

  • within forkflift run:
    ansible-playbook ./playbooks/katello_pulp3.yml -l centos7-katello-devel
  • if this issue is not resolved, then:
    1. login to katello/foreman
    2. navigate to infrastructure > smart proxies
    3. switch to 'any organization'
    4. switch to 'any location'
    5. A smart proxy should appear
    6. click edit on the drop down to the smart prxoy
    7. associate the smart proxy to the default org and location
  • Refresh the smart proxy:

    1. login to katello/foreman
    2. navigate to infrastructure > smart proxies
    3. click 'refresh' in the list of actions beside your smart proxy
    You're now rockin' Pulp3

  • Candlepin change (subject to installer updates)
    You might encounter a
    Katello::Resources::Candlepin::Owner: 404 Not Found  (GET /candlepin/owners/Default_Organization)
    after installing. This is because the ansible-playbook overwrites the pg_hba.conf. To fix it
    $ tee /var/lib/pgsql/data/pg_hba.conf << END
    local all postgres    peer 
    local all all    peer 
    host all all   trust 
    host all all ::1/128   trust
    $ systemctl restart postgresql.service

Other Resources

Old way to deploy pulp3 on other box
  • yum install vagrant-sshfs
  • Checkout pulplift:
  • Follow pulplift readme instructions, copy the centos7-pulp3-github box definition from vagrant/boxes.d/99-local.yaml.example
  • vagrant up centos7-pulp3-github
  • On katello dev env, edit /etc/foreman-proxy/settings.d/pulp3.yml
    • add/edit options (replacing dev.pulp3 with ip address or hostname of pulplift box):
      :enabled: true
      :pulp_url: http://dev.pulp3/pulp/
  • restart foreman-proxy: systemctl restart foreman-proxy
  • refresh your smart proxy, from the Infrastructure > Smart Proxies page
  • Confirm that you see 'pulp3' show up in the list of features for that smart proxy