Vertical Navigation

Our reasons for improving the current UI include better adaptability for additional menu items and a friendlier responsive design layout.

PatternFly Vertical Navigation

Vertical Navigation in Foreman

Additional Notes

There are some notes worth addressing when contemplating moving towards a vertical nav from a user experience perspective.

Firstly, though vertical nav supports a tertiary level, currently no nav item is in need of it. It’s nice to know it’s available if desired.

Secondly, the current vertical nav is at its best when nav items are given groupings and titles for those groups. The current horizontal nav inconsistently groups items. Possible solutions could be to provide groupings alternatively you could leave them as is. In the below mockup we can see a secondary nav that has one untitled grouping and three titled groupings (In Bold - Provisioning Setup, Templates, Compliance).

Location can be kept in the left-hand nav or moved to the masthead and Administrator can be moved to the masthead.

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