From 10/27/2015 to 11/25/2015


06:26 AM Revision ca5198b8 (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #19 from xprazak2/update-dependencies
Updating dependencies xprazak2
06:23 AM Revision 416112c1 (foreman_pipeline): Updating dependencies
Ondřej Pražák
06:17 AM Revision 5804ea48 (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #16 from xprazak2/rails-upgrade
Fixes #12561 - Changes for Rails 4 xprazak2
06:16 AM Revision 0bc26981 (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #17 from xprazak2/apipie-engine
Fixes #12565 - Apipie added into engine xprazak2
06:16 AM Revision a3a9b794 (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #18 from xprazak2/removing-debug
Fixes #12592 - creating location in seeds xprazak2
06:14 AM Refactor #12601 (Closed): Refactor the seeds
Move the seeds from rake task to db/seeds Ondřej Pražák
06:10 AM Revision 61672452 (foreman_pipeline): Fixes #12592 - creating location in seeds
Ondřej Pražák


11:55 AM Bug #12592 (Closed): foreman_pipeline location is created with katello_default => true
katello_default => true does not allow to remove location, there are also missing resource associations to this location Ondřej Pražák
09:57 AM Bug #12583 (Closed): Hostgroup without environment causes error when running a job
Hostgroup without environment can be assigned to the job, which causes an error since host cannot be created without ... Ondřej Pražák
07:17 AM Revision 42818462 (foreman_pipeline): Fixes #12561 - Changes for Rails 4
Ondřej Pražák
06:34 AM Bug #12582 (Closed): Unwanted capitalization in header links
Capitalization could cause confusion - text in these links is actually a name and should be displayed as is, not capi... Ondřej Pražák
06:03 AM Bug #12581 (Closed): Info on why job retrieval from Jenkins failed should be immediately visible
When error occurs during job retrieval from Jenkins, user has to go to tasks list to find out what is going on. We sh... Ondřej Pražák


05:43 AM Revision 9fff3c7b (foreman_pipeline): Fixes #12565 - Apipie added into engine
Ondřej Pražák
05:42 AM Bug #12565 (Closed): Add apipie initializer into ForemanPipeline::Engine
There is an initializer missing in Engine. See Ondřej Pražák
04:09 AM Bug #12562 (Closed): UI will not load when no organization is selected
Steps to reproduce:
1) Select 'Any organization' in organization dropdown
2) Go to Pipeline > Jobs or Pipeline > Je...
Ondřej Pražák
04:01 AM Refactor #12561 (Closed): Make changes to get ready for Rails4
According to the wiki, moving to Rails 4 will require some changes: Ondřej Pražák


11:05 AM Revision b1dbd17c (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #15 from xprazak2/kat-gem
katello from git xprazak2
11:03 AM Revision 71f0e32b (foreman_pipeline): katello from git
Ondřej Pražák
10:49 AM Revision f0583353 (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #14 from xprazak2/active-rec
Specifying katello location xprazak2
10:47 AM Revision 5b861f0c (foreman_pipeline): Specifying katello location
Ondřej Pražák
07:11 AM Revision a5aa89a2 (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #13 from xprazak2/migration-kat
Appropriate katello version xprazak2
07:09 AM Revision 91574d3e (foreman_pipeline): Appropriate katello version
Ondřej Pražák
06:48 AM Revision ea96f6eb (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #12 from xprazak2/katello-branch
Modifications to Katello migrations xprazak2
06:46 AM Revision 3728ccdd (foreman_pipeline): Modifications to Katello migrations
Ondřej Pražák
06:24 AM Revision f2c6acbb (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #11 from xprazak2/katello-migrations
Config templates should not cause problems for katello migrations xprazak2
06:19 AM Revision 5e526c4c (foreman_pipeline): Config templates should not cause problems for katello migrations
Ondřej Pražák
04:49 AM Revision 8db2a82b (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #10 from xprazak2/katello-dependency
Adding Katello into Engine xprazak2
04:49 AM Revision 0c151c8c (foreman_pipeline): Adding Katello into Engine
Ondřej Pražák
04:34 AM Revision 75bd87f9 (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #9 from xprazak2/bast-dep
Adding dependency for bastion xprazak2
04:33 AM Revision 04ecb07f (foreman_pipeline): Adding dependency for bastion
Ondřej Pražák
04:19 AM Revision ba44c33f (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #8 from xprazak2/less-rails
Less-rails develop dependency for Bastion xprazak2
04:17 AM Revision acae3e84 (foreman_pipeline): Less-rails develop dependency for Bastion
Ondřej Pražák
03:44 AM Revision cc605b10 (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #7 from xprazak2/bastion-require
Uninitialized constant Bastion fix xprazak2
03:42 AM Revision 1d126879 (foreman_pipeline): Uninitialized constant Bastion fix
Ondřej Pražák
03:27 AM Revision d899a342 (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #6 from xprazak2/bastion-namespace
Fix for bastion namespace xprazak2
03:25 AM Revision b8eb7bc7 (foreman_pipeline): Fix for bastion namespace
Ondřej Pražák


12:00 PM Revision 2bffb6df (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #5 from xprazak2/deps
resolving dependencies xprazak2
11:58 AM Revision bef51bf9 (foreman_pipeline): resolving dependencies
Ondřej Pražák
11:25 AM Revision 1bb89e33 (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #4 from xprazak2/katello-gem
Tweaks so that jenkins can find katello gem xprazak2
11:21 AM Revision 43000325 (foreman_pipeline): Tweaks so that jenkins can find katello gem
Ondřej Pražák
10:30 AM Revision 6ae76967 (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #3 from xprazak2/gemfile
Dependencies version fix xprazak2
10:24 AM Revision be49852b (foreman_pipeline): Dependencies version fix
Ondřej Pražák
08:23 AM Revision 8cbb4309 (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #2 from xprazak2/gemspec-fix
Specifying jenkins_api_client gem version that is available xprazak2
06:42 AM Revision 259a0156 (foreman_pipeline): Specifying jenkins_api_client gem version that is available
Ondřej Pražák
05:18 AM Revision 09a844d1 (foreman_pipeline): Merge pull request #1 from xprazak2/gemspec-katello
Katello was added into dependencies xprazak2
05:09 AM Revision 02508002 (foreman_pipeline): Katello was added into dependencies
Ondřej Pražák


06:00 AM Revision 44ad10db (foreman_pipeline): More job tests
Ondřej Pražák
04:45 AM Revision 9fb80abe (foreman_pipeline): making promoting decisions more robust
Ondřej Pražák


08:12 AM Revision dce03a1e (foreman_pipeline): cleaning up tests
Ondřej Pražák
08:12 AM Revision eaa1eb25 (foreman_pipeline): removing garbage
Ondřej Pražák

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