From 05/10/2016 to 06/08/2016


07:39 PM Bug #15356 (New): Call to virDomainCreateWithFlags failed: Cannot get interface MTU on '': No such device
Hi there, having this bug come up when I'm trying to provision new hosts using a script that taps the API. Recently u... Adam Priest


10:13 AM Feature #15329 (Closed): Add custom timeout for builds on Jenkins
Currently, the timeout for start of a build on Jenkins is hardcoded in Jenkins::Build action. It would be nice if thi... Ondřej Pražák
10:06 AM Bug #15328 (Closed): Removing all to_environments form job results in NoMethodError
Steps to reproduce:
1) Configure a job with at leas one to_environment
2) uncheck all to_environments and confirm...
Ondřej Pražák
04:41 AM Bug #15319 (Closed): Job run fails with 'Call to virDomainCreateWithFlags failed: Cannot get interface MTU on '': No such device'
Reproducible always when running a job. Host cannot be started and therefore the whole workflow fails. Ondřej Pražák


07:35 AM Bug #15304 (Closed): Jenkins reachable button does not show a message
The message for 'Jenkins reachable?' is not always displayed.
Steps to reproduce
1) Go to Jenkins instances show ...
Ondřej Pražák


04:17 AM Bug #15226 (Closed): Limit string columns to 255 characters
Ondřej Pražák


10:49 AM Revision 59812f81 (foreman_pipeline): Fixes #15226 - Add limit 255 to new string columns
Ondřej Pražák
10:25 AM Refactor #15227 (Closed): Refactor job hooks
Extract the logic from actions into separate classes for better testability. Ondřej Pražák
10:23 AM Bug #15226 (Closed): Limit string columns to 255 characters
Postgres and Sqlite adapters have unlimited length for Rails 4.2 on string columns. There should be consistency with ... Ondřej Pražák
10:16 AM Bug #12562 (Closed): UI will not load when no organization is selected
Ondřej Pražák
09:27 AM Revision 33fabce3 (foreman_pipeline): Functional tests for Jenkins user
Ondřej Pražák
08:57 AM Revision 45d4f0d8 (foreman_pipeline): Fixes #12562 - UI prompt to select org
Ondřej Pražák
07:14 AM Revision 2bb5e30b (foreman_pipeline): Functional tests for Job
Ondřej Pražák


07:41 AM Revision 067581a0 (foreman_pipeline): Use Travis for CI
test_plugin_pull_request job on our Jenkins is not yet
in foreman-infra, which is kind of a dead end for me.
I need t...
Ondřej Pražák


01:34 PM Revision 099eb35b (foreman_pipeline): Make additional attributes accessible for job
Ondřej Pražák


04:59 AM Revision 67d5ada5 (foreman_pipeline): Fix typo in skip_tests
Ondřej Pražák
03:31 AM Revision 05a73056 (foreman_pipeline): Skip test for docker
Ondřej Pražák


09:57 AM Revision ae5c2ae8 (foreman_pipeline): Skip unrelated broken tests
Ondřej Pražák
08:10 AM Revision 63646944 (foreman_pipeline): Remove whitespace from roles.rb
Ondřej Pražák
04:53 AM Revision 23d64bcf (foreman_pipeline): Improve comment style
Ondřej Pražák
03:28 AM Revision d929eae4 (foreman_pipeline): Skip core permission tests
Ondřej Pražák

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