From 02/22/2017 to 03/23/2017


04:27 PM Revision bbd31888 (runcible): 1.10.0 release
Justin Sherrill
03:16 PM Revision f87181a1 (runcible): fixes #18993 - Set depth for ostree distributor
Prior to this commit one could only set depth for ostree importer.
This one enables one to set it for the distributor...
Partha Aji
01:08 AM Bug #18993 (Closed): ostree 'Depth' parameter support For Distributor in runcible
The ostree importer "depth" option was added in but the distributor side... Partha Aji


09:44 PM Revision 27b106f4 (runcible): 1.9.3 release
Justin Sherrill
09:43 PM Revision 909e3dbf (runcible): Merge pull request #187 from jlsherrill/download
adding download repository support Justin Sherrill
09:33 PM Revision 4138d874 (runcible): adding download repository support
Justin Sherrill
02:56 PM Revision c31e0728 (runcible): Updated pulp docs urls
Sean O'Keeffe

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