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999978f4 04/18/2016 05:02 PM Justin Sherrill

Refs #13700 - continue to support rest-client 1.6.X

ce4e7bc9 04/14/2016 12:25 AM Justin Sherrill

Fixes #13700 - Updating to support rest-client 1.8.0

e35bb14a 03/27/2015 05:52 PM Justin Sherrill

locking to rest-client less than 1.8

this commit:

broke compatability with rest-client by changing the number of argumets to Response.create().
Since this was a method signature change its somewhat hacky to support both versions.

3e3ad61c 10/09/2014 07:18 PM Partha Aji

Ref #7880: Rubocop fixes update

dcec3cd2 05/23/2013 12:54 PM Eric D Helms

Docs - Updating how to build and deploy documentation.

Adds the yard and redcartpet development dependencies required when
building the documentation.

4cfbcefa 05/14/2013 06:33 PM Justin Sherrill

adding readme and contributing to gemspec

45137f22 05/14/2013 06:22 PM Justin Sherrill

adding new files to gemfile, and bumping for new release

cd2c2f54 02/05/2013 03:39 PM Justin Sherrill

dropping version requirement for runcible

8acf8769 02/02/2013 03:57 AM Eric D. Helms

Gemspec cleanup by moving dependencies into the gemspec file.

f899d66a 10/01/2012 03:27 PM Justin Sherrill

fixes #2 - fixing typo in gemspec

cf2b1fed 09/14/2012 05:35 PM Eric D. Helms

Updates to spec file.

a0a1e747 09/14/2012 08:42 AM Eric D. Helms

Updates to gemspec and spec file.

f6200e30 09/10/2012 04:29 PM Eric D. Helms

Minor updates to gemspec.

243b30b6 08/28/2012 05:20 PM Eric D Helms

Initial shell for the Runcible gem.