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63540c7c 09/23/2015 07:37 PM Eric Helms

Fixes #11030: Add Python support.

c1664a68 07/06/2015 07:50 PM David Davis

Fixes #11027 - Remove copyright notices

9fc51910 02/03/2015 08:47 PM Mike McCune

addresses #9179 - fix tests for Pulp 2.6

926b9789 10/15/2014 02:50 PM Justin Sherrill

fixing runcible errors caused by rubocop changes

when we turned on rubocop, we converted unused method arguments
to start with underscores. This broke any method that relied on
binding.send(:local_variables). This disables that cop and fixes
all of those instances....

f8bc785b 10/09/2014 07:19 PM Partha Aji

Fixes #7880 - Rubocop enabled the runcible tests

3e3ad61c 10/09/2014 07:18 PM Partha Aji

Ref #7880: Rubocop fixes update

54addc4c 04/30/2014 03:13 PM Justin Sherrill

2.4 support and some cleanup for all most remaining items

still missing all consumer items

32fb437f 09/19/2013 06:24 PM Justin Sherrill

adding new applicabilty features from pulp 2.3

490ff199 08/09/2013 09:00 PM David Davis

Puppet: Wrote some tests and fixed repo methods

Wrote some repo tests for puppet repos. Also, found some places that weren't
1.0-compatible in that they were class methods instead of the 1.0 architecture
which supports multiple pulp servers by using objects.

b4428416 08/09/2013 03:18 PM Manjiri Tapaswi

Add Package Upload Pulp API support to runcible

661ca339 07/30/2013 06:31 PM Justin Sherrill

Changing runcible to support multiple pulp servers.

Now, classes need to be instantiated. For example:

Instead of Runcible::Resources::Repository.find()

you would need to use:

You can all instantiate Runcible::Instance to get access to all modules:...

49c9ce45 07/11/2013 05:53 PM Justin Sherrill

Improving some of the tests for pulp 2.2 and regenerating cassettes

89e6e478 07/11/2013 05:52 PM David Davis

Pulp v2.2: Fixing individual tests for Pulp 2.2

1e8d158d 11/16/2012 12:26 AM Justin Sherrill

sleep longer for fewer waiting tasks

b24028dd 11/15/2012 08:48 PM Justin Sherrill

do not sleep if were running as none

82aa3eff 11/14/2012 02:23 PM Eric D. Helms

Pulp Beta - Updates to handle Repository deletion and consumer unbind as tasks to remove chance for race condition.

b43ba6f2 11/13/2012 07:25 PM Eric D. Helms

Updates to the latest pulp beta and fixes all associated tests.

9b1d1989 11/02/2012 07:02 PM Eric D. Helms

Fixes broken publish_all call and adds tests for publish and publish_all.

73caf37e 11/01/2012 04:16 PM Partha Aji

Replaced all the GPL licenses with MIT as requested by eric

6402e48c 11/01/2012 03:34 PM Partha Aji

Fixed merge conflicts and regenerated yml cassettes

5354f21d 10/31/2012 10:31 PM Partha Aji

Fixed a few consumer group tests

50bf07ad 10/31/2012 04:07 PM Eric D. Helms

Ruby 1.9.3 - Updates to get code and tests passing on both Ruby 1.8.7 and Ruby 1.9.3

63e1f2a8 10/25/2012 01:45 AM Eric D. Helms

Moves helpers to be under test/support.