Draft 20 version of DNS API, with working notes

Current API

/dns POST Create a new DNS record {"fqdn":string(name/ip), "value":string(ip/reverse), "type":string(A/PTR)}
/dns/value DELETE remove value(ip or reverse) DNS record

Record types

Should be implemented in next version of DNS API

Path REST Type Description Example Input JSON Notes
/dns GET List of DNS zones managed by the proxy
/dns/zone GET List all zone records
/dns/zone/A GET/PUT/POST/DELETE A Record - Name to IPv4 address {"fqdn":string(name), "value":string(ip), "type":string(A)} Supports multiple records
/dns/zone/PTR GET/PUT/POST/DELETE PTR - Reverse record, IP address to Name {"fqdn":string(ip/ipv6), "value":string(name), "type":string(PTR)} Does not support multiple records
/dns/zone/CNAME GET/PUT/POST/DELETE CNAME - DNS Alias {"fqdn":string(name), "value":string(name), "type":string(CNAME)} Bind 9 doesn't support roundrobin cnames, so we should at first limit CNAMEs to a single record
/dns/zone/AAAA GET/PUT/POST/DELETE IPv6 A Record - Name to IPv6 address {"fqdn":string(ipv6), "value":string(name), "type":string(AAAA)} IPv6 address, supports multiple records
/dns/zone/TXT GET/PUT/POST/DELETE TXT - Text string {"fqdn":string(name), "value":string("arbitrary text string"), "type":string(TXT)} supports multiple records
/dns/zone/SPF GET/PUT/POST/DELETE SPF - Sender Policy Framework records {"fqdn":string(name), "value":string("v=spf1 -all"), "type":string(SPF)} supports multiple records
/dns/zone/MX GET/PUT/POST/DELETE MX - Mail Exchanger records {"fqdn":string(name), "value":integer(preference), "value":string(ip/name), "type":string(MX)} Needs an extra preference number field, supports multiple records


/dns/zone/SOA (Can not be dynamically deleted, and needs extra code to handle)
/dns/zone/NS (Needs manual serial number increment
/dns/zone/SRV (Needs more research.. Looks easy enough, but isn't a priority yet)
/dns/zone/ZONE (Currently smartproxy uses nsupdate to make changes so zone creation and deletion is not supported on the backend.)


GET - Lists resource records or gets the details of an individual record(s)
PUT - Replaces a record or collection
POST - Creates a new record or records
DELETE - Deletes a record or records

Ohad notes

GET /dns/zone/record_type list of all dns records with a given type, for
example all CNAME would be /dns/
GET /dns/zone/record -> details of the specific record.

POST /dns/zone -> creates a new record
DELETE /dns/zone/record -> deletes a record

Brian notes

Dynamic DNS RFC


Other APIs to investigate

DNS backends

ActiveDirectory/Microsoft DNS

Additional features

An API to retrieve the proxy's settings might be useful for consistency checks and diagnostic reasons.
Should foreman also be provided with the ability to push settings out into the proxies, though this might prove to be a security issue?