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  • Foreman

    The Foreman is aimed to be a single address for all machines life cycle management.

    • Installer

      This is a set of puppet modules which manages foreman and its proxies

    • Packaging

      Covers all topic related to RPM and Debian packaging for foreman projects

    • SELinux

      Foreman's targeted SELinux policy

    • Smart Proxy

      RESTful proxies for DNS, DHCP, TFTP and Puppet

  • Hammer CLI

    Hammer command line interface to Foreman and Katello

  • Kafo

    The kafo project used in the Foreman installer

  • Plugins

    Plugins for Foreman. If you'd like to host your plugin as part of the Foreman organization, let us know.

  • Website

    Issues/Features/Requests for the Foreman website (

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