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# Tracker Subject Story Points
7308 Bug Foreman 1.6.0-RC2 - LDAP broken

Closed Sprints

Sprint 23


# Tracker Subject Story Points
5395 Refactor Refactor smart proxy registration to use the new foreman_api
5221 Feature Foreman should provide a helper method to allow an instance of a model to ask if the instance is authorized for a given permission.
5242 Feature Keeping user's attributes and group membership up-to-date even during subsequent logons
5485 Feature Download foreman_discovery images to TFTP directory
3892 Feature When new users are created based on REMOTE_USER authentication, their roles should be populated as well
5241 Feature Add support for external group mapping
5484 Feature foreman_tasks support in installer
5520 Bug Display proper capitalization in orchestration header
5537 Feature Menu/authorization: need alternative to rails controller centric authorization

Sprint 24


# Tracker Subject Story Points
4451 Feature Build all ruby193 dependencies for EL7
4452 Feature Build all non-SCL dependencies for EL7
4453 Feature Update Foreman source packages for EL7
5793 Feature rake task to create versioned tarball or gem
5827 Bug katello-installer generates AVC: denied { name_connect } for scontext=passenger_t:s0 tcontext=:websm_port_t:s0 tclass=tcp_socket
5895 Bug Kickstart provisioning template has iptables, auditd etc disabled
5965 Bug oVirt help text for API URL should no longer reference port 8443
5987 Refactor Remove in-repo RPM packaging constructs
6112 Bug log/test.log disappears when running under spork
6116 Feature search hosts by parent host group and its decendants

Sprint 25


# Tracker Subject Story Points
2972 Bug Incompatibility with jsonp and bundler_ext support
4866 Refactor As a developer I'd like to break up smart-proxy into multiple components
3272 Feature Separate internal admin account from user admin accounts
4564 Bug "Creating scope :roots. Overwriting existing method Hostgroup.roots." log messages
5345 Feature Advanced Dashboard
5414 Bug LDAP + TLS is not LDAP + TLS but LDAP + SSL
5679 Bug Using compute_resource_name in API results in undefined method `find_by_to_label'
5753 Feature Allow customisation of autocomplete_search path for resources in filter create/edit
5809 Bug don't need to show parent location/organization select box when entering first
5832 Bug too responsive UI when selecting organization
5854 Bug org creation non-admin normal user doesn't add the org name in org switcher
5915 Feature Support 64-bit MAC addresses
5923 Bug ptable validation trailing spaces incorrectly allows one space
5930 Feature Implement policy for Katello plugin
5939 Bug Buttons remain hidden when switching tab during compute profile edit on compute resource page
6067 Bug UI inconsistency around root password strength
6085 Bug Virsh provider is not interpreting DHCP netmask correctly
6121 Bug Make copyright section of the about page defaceable
6228 Bug disable provisioning method radio boxes after host is provisioned
6229 Bug validate installation media exists for new host if pxe_build
6248 Bug Some JSON responses are still nested in a root node
6267 Bug singularize of HostClass and HostgroupClass is wrong
6285 Bug Settings API does not parse incoming values
6306 Refactor Possible namespace collisions between libraries and proxy modules
6308 Feature Allow plugins to hook into DB seed ordering
6319 Bug dashboard.js not precompiled
6334 Bug "DNS virsh provider needs 'virsh_network' option" error adding DNS records
6341 Feature Support 64-bit MAC addresses
6377 Bug Incorrect dhcp providers server virsh.rb loadSubnetData
6382 Bug foreman_discovery fails to load "uninitialized constant Net::Validations::MAC_REGEXP (NameError)"
6436 Bug Modularized proxy attempts to load plugins before loading core modules
6474 Bug rubygems not loaded before gems themselves
6496 Feature Allow match helper method
6498 Refactor simplified eval calls

Sprint 26


# Tracker Subject Story Points
1646 Feature Add feature to clone provisioning templates
3664 Feature Support deletion of installation media that's in use
3185 Feature Refresh proxy features when proxy settings.yml is updated
3103 Feature Read only provisioning/config templates for plugins
3377 Feature Altlinux Operating Systems Support
3601 Feature Use secure websockets for console access
4155 Feature API for CR association and disassociation
4454 Feature Test and update installer for EL7
5140 Bug User children taxonomies are not greyed out
4641 Bug Deleting user with associated roles triggers PG::NotNullViolation
4700 Feature Deploy Puppet environmentpath and environment config files
5178 Bug Users API requires parameters to be wrapped
5197 Feature Preallocated disk support for oVirt
5760 Feature Specify VM hardware version for new virtual hosts
5969 Bug deleting of EC2 guests - confusing message
6057 Bug Katello pages do not highlight upper level navigation tabs
6099 Bug New Host screen is eating Fog Errors
6236 Bug Host create and update is missing documentation for setting organization and location.
6275 Bug migrate_settings.yml doesn't return 1 on migrated config file
6289 Bug vmlinuz/initrd files corrupted during when multiple hosts created simultaneously
6352 Bug Default install fails when hostname contains uppercase characters
6361 Bug menu item "Hosts --> All hosts" is visible to normal user from anonymous role by default
6430 Bug validation presence of location and organization for host if Settings are turned on
6432 Bug attributes missing :presence => true
6441 Feature filter parameters by request path.
6445 Feature External authentication via FreeIPA should be configurable with foreman-installer
6487 Refactor Use icons from consistent icon set
6497 Bug New Organization: Focus should exist in Name field
6506 Bug remove x86_64 default for new architecture
6518 Bug foreman sometimes picks the wrong bmc smart proxy
6528 Bug Seeds.rb is too noisy in tests
6529 Bug Make DHCP auto-suggest IP configurable
6532 Bug API for permission related operations lacks some functionality
6537 Bug Entering a very large number for idle_timeout is unchecked, crashes UI
6562 Feature Support API v2, remove experimental label
6582 Bug Change position of buttons when editing a location
6583 Refactor Use Enumerable#find instead of each where possible
6584 Bug Replace Kernel#open with File.open
6585 Bug Fix command exit code handling under Ruby 1.9+
6586 Feature Allow user-specified password in rake permissions:reset
6606 Bug Can't delete a user if there's only one admin account
6618 Feature Provide a helper to indent in templates
6633 Bug Smart variables and smart class parameters can not have the same parameter name
6641 Bug Jenkins is not loading gems, leading to test failures
6650 Bug Attempting to destroy the current user should result in a friendlier message
6661 Bug GET /dhcp is always 404
6670 Bug Update fog to 1.23
6689 Bug "ERROR -- : Invalid MAC address:" using the "Build PXE Default" button
6700 Bug Proxy::Puppet::Runner incorrectly checked $? for success
6717 Bug Template locked/unlock message cannot be translated
6747 Bug Parameters textarea automatic resizing
6749 Bug fix API v2 examples in docs that show error messages
6750 Bug remove constraint on apipie-rails gem so it can be updated to 0.2.x
6751 Bug We don't support VLAN nor Alias interfaces for DHCP configuration
6753 Bug fix API v1 examples in docs that show error messages by re-ordering functional tests
6768 Bug Hammer set-parameter overwrites existing value when adding new different parameter
6772 Feature Support for testing of plugins

Sprint 27


# Tracker Subject Story Points
6831 Bug When creating a new organization as an admin, the switcher doesn't list it
6013 Bug AVC denials from Passenger on Foreman 1.6 on EL7
6014 Bug AVC denials from Puppet under Passenger on Foreman 1.6 on EL7
2940 Bug Unable to remove smart parameter with long name
215 Feature Allow blank values for parameters
3285 Bug "Host" column name is not translated on the main report page
6794 Feature Missing search parameter for template kinds
3303 Bug String not translated when deleting an architecture
3300 Bug Strings not translated when creating new Smart Variable
4447 Tracker Support installation on RHEL 7
813 Feature Support AD group membership for authorization and authentication
5029 Bug Cannot specify initial Organization or Location via Katello installer
5442 Bug "Suggest new" link is missing extraction
5734 Feature Add API for external groups management
5924 Bug Puppetmaster denial for node.rb
5945 Bug Role API broken
6205 Bug Custom SSL client cert for smart proxy based auth doesn't split CN correctly
6232 Bug Dashboard "host config chart" links go to /undefined
6400 Feature mark required fields in form
6446 Bug We need to either support non-json requests or show an error when a user submits other content types.
6473 Refactor Test 1.5 to 1.6 upgrade path
6476 Bug Unable to associate oVirt VM with multiple interfaces
6495 Bug Unable to provision on RHEV 3.3 via templates
6522 Refactor Move ForemanRequest class out of the chef plugin
6542 Feature Ship IPA user script with Smart Proxy
6566 Bug renaming a node does not change the certname
6589 Bug Trusted host list seems to be ignored
6608 Feature expose datastore free space through API
6620 Bug Allow plugins to include test setup code in the test_helper
6636 Bug Audit log field too small - PGError while creating OS with 255 characters in name
6657 Bug Major/monor version fields should not accept negative integer values while creating OS
6660 Bug proxy rpm upgrade from 1.5 - 1.6 nightly does not upgrade cleanly
6693 Bug UI shouldn't switch to other tab while creating OS parameters with same name or with blank name/values
6694 Bug PGError: while creating OS with long (greater than 5 chars) minor/major version values
6696 Bug API v2 - specify the key in which the parameters would be wrapped rather than passing model name
6722 Bug foreman-proxy gives "cannot load such file -- kerberos" when trying to set up IPA DNS
6742 Refactor Add a unit test suite for the DHCP API
6743 Refactor Common code for manage_subnet? in ISC and Native MS
6744 Refactor Avoid nested arrays and extra array copies in the ISC DHCP config parser
6745 Bug Clean up the params input to the DHCP::Server.addRecord method
6756 Feature expose vmware resource pools and folders through API
6780 Bug Unable to remove foreman-selinux
6786 Bug Cannot create an organization.
6812 Feature puppet integration (node.rb and foreman.rb) configuration in YAML
6816 Bug RHEV compute resource without quota fails on creating a vm with "Failed to create a compute" "Internal Engine Error"
6825 Bug refactor api/v2/filters_controller.rb to use find_optional_nested_object and add Authorizable to class Role
4350 Bug roles need to allow email address and i18n as name
6844 Bug Going to /api/v2 shows API v1 routes rather than v2
6852 Feature Rake log task to log ActiveRecord changes
6857 Refactor optimize two-pane loading time by not render the entire layout
6860 Bug Add missing attributes to Hostgroup Jail
6861 Feature Add @provisioning_type variable to tell when provisioning with a host group
6873 Bug Error during db:seed from 1.4 to 1.6: undefined method `expire_topbar_cache' for nil:NilClass
6881 Bug Config Templates model doesn't correctly check that changes are being made in rake
6888 Bug Provisioning template name checks for presence twice, duplicate message
6891 Bug rake db:seed failure on creating organization
6908 Bug Chef and Puppet request test failures
6929 Bug bad english description in string prevents good translation
6953 Bug Fix bad internationalization calls in User
6956 Bug foreman-proxy requires rubygem-rack => 1.1.0
6961 Feature Permit websockify access to Puppet SSL certs for consoles
6962 Bug Load usergroup admin user from fixtures directly to avoid a katello issue in tests
6964 Bug Error on startup: "null value in column "user_id" violates not-null constraint"
6969 Bug foreman-debug is missing log files which are rotated
6979 Bug Policy does not load on EL7 due to consoletype_exec_t dependency
6982 Bug Tooltips in chart on overview page hidden behind chart
6998 Bug Cannot rename host by API due to DHCP conflict - cannot set 'overwrite' flag
7003 Bug Unable to connect to AD through ldap login module
7009 Bug N+1 hosts query in dashboard page
7013 Bug apipie-rails 0.2.3 is incompatible with 1.8.7
7015 Bug Test failures with ffi-yajl 1.0.2
7034 Bug Fix relabel script on RHEL7
7036 Bug Allow creation of log files for Foreman Rails app
7060 Bug puppet gem is required even when puppetca module is disabled
7061 Bug UI doesn't show browse/upload option to upload a template file
7062 Bug Wrong requires in smart-proxy's 'facts' module
7080 Bug Couldn't enable plugin puppet: undefined method `<=>' for :puppet_provider:Symbol
7082 Bug Web UI glitch

Sprint 28


# Tracker Subject Story Points
6161 Bug Value of Smart Variables doesn't show up on Foreman UI when it sets using API call
4375 Bug Kickstart provisioning is on a loop when using compute profiles with ovirt Compute Resource.
5240 Feature Expose eager-zeroing for vSphere volumes
5691 Bug Debian: Foreman core and plugin upgrade fails
7028 Bug association of subnet, domain, templates and resources to organization has no effect via CLI
7056 Bug Partition table field is very small after selecting parameters tab
7066 Bug Unable to bind with DOMAIN\$login any longer
7079 Bug Proxy settings.d directory should be in foreman-debug archive
7121 Bug Move Smart Proxy action buttons to helper
7137 Bug Foreman is not using LDAP account to bind to the directory
7157 Bug Combo box style in reports
7174 Refactor Increase delay on autocomplete fields
7191 Refactor Move API response body logging to enable plugins to skip it
7198 Bug Socket read and write on RHEL7
7240 Bug When loading using bundler smart-proxy fails to load puppetca module if puppet module is disabled
7253 Bug unable to modify user in UI as it incorrectly states "Administrator cannot be removed from the last admin account"
7274 Bug DHCP tests failing due to date mismatch
7351 Bug Plugins with missing http/https rackup file path crash smart-proxy