First bug fix release for the Foreman 1.10 series.

Foreman_110_Schedule for an overview of the schedule


Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
7517 Bug Puppet class parameter not removed from environment after an import
7548 Bug Cannot use UTF8 characters as a user's login, firstname or lastname
8840 Bug LDAP Usergroup Refresh fails when User CN contains escaped characters
9359 Bug puppet_ca parameter made available for unmanaged hosts
10357 Bug GET /api/v2/locations/:id does not return information about realms
11124 Bug Interface compute attributes not merged from API request over compute profile
11152 Bug a2x: ERROR: "xsltproc" ... returned non-zero exit status 5 during Debian package build
11828 Bug Undefined method 'split' for nil:NilClass traceback when accessing /about
11834 Bug host status migration is very slow
11862 Bug Smart variables with illegal characters raises an exception
11921 Bug Features in controller authentication are not loaded correctly if you modify them from plugins
11943 Bug build notifications emails are sent when manually togging build
11983 Bug Provivisioning Templates preview doesn't work on new template (non saved)
12083 Bug Domain matching isn't specific enough
12095 Bug Smart Class Parameters mangle erb interpolated variables
12102 Bug Compute resource test connection doesn't catch some errors
12106 Bug Interface form not showing popover when editing an existing interface
12130 Bug fact parent help tip references full fact name
12136 Bug foreman-proxy fails to start if ruby-rgen is missing
12155 Bug Setting email_reply_address is not used without restart of Foreman
12207 Bug Hosts#index slow load times
12241 Bug Counter cache update didn't pick up changes from after_commit callback
12249 Bug Use puppet default on matchers causes smart class parameter default to be sent
12271 Bug Audit of template change has an empty diff
12279 Bug Roles are not ordered by default
12319 Bug Proxy templates API breaks on concurrent requests
12325 Bug Avatars are broken after restoring Foreman DB on a new host
12345 Bug trying to create a sparc host causes error saying method 'medium' is missing from Nic::Managed object
12346 Bug Foreman-debug truncates log files
12365 Bug app/services/fact_parser.rb does not find virtual interfaces with alphanum aliases
12371 Bug select2 not loading correctly on "Virtual Machine" while creating new hosts
12416 Feature Cannot provision hosts with VMWare VM hardware version 11 on ESXi 6.0
12452 Bug Non admin users cant do bulk actions on hosts
12469 Bug ISC DHCP proxy errors when attempting to delete nonexistant records
12478 Bug Virtual interfaces with :attached_to defined can't be updated by Host::Base.populate_fields_from_facts
12517 Bug VMWare VM should be created network based if it is selected in the gui
12555 Bug Only first FreeIPA XMLRPC call succeeds Foreman proxy 1.10 and FreeIPA, version: 4.1.4
12566 Bug New Host API changed host_parameters_attributes behavior
12575 Bug Zerombr does not take any argument
12578 Bug Smart-Proxy doesn't enforce ciphersuite ordering
12580 Bug WEBrick doesn't use ::Proxy::Log.logger
12623 Bug CRs with integer UUIDs cause DB error on VM association: operator does not exist: character varying = integer
12632 Bug Net::SSH::Exception: could not settle on compression_client algorithm
12643 Bug Smart variable/class param free text search throws "no such column: lookup_values.value" error
12644 Bug Ordering smart variables list by Puppet class throws "no such column: puppetclasses.name" error
12730 Bug remove fakefs gem
12805 Bug lookup values not validating when parent key is invalid
12827 Bug Allow non isolated engines to add overrides to filters search path
12834 Bug HostIntegrationTest::create new host page "enables override of hostgroup defaults" test failures
12842 Feature Add one blank line below 'Use puppet default' checkbox.
12852 Bug Override checkbox doesn't enable default value when matcher with use_puppet_default exists
12859 Bug "Suggest new" link for IP address on interface model window doesn't work
12943 Bug VLAN templating only works if specified in the subnet, not in the interface
12946 Bug When the creation of new virtual instance (compute) fails at the "Set up compute instance" stage, we get "TypeError: can't convert nil into String" instead of the underlying error
12954 Bug Foreman puppet report status does not work without a puppet proxy
12959 Bug Host search based on fact value using LIKE clause does'nt work
12965 Bug Error when trying to get operatingsystem's provisioning templates throuh api
12990 Bug Unable to use symlinks in puppet environments (hieradata)
13004 Bug Compute Profiles not Inheriting from nested host group
13040 Bug Test connection button does not load server SSL cert
13059 Bug net-ldap dropped support for ruby 1.9.3 in 0.13.x
13062 Bug smart-proxy throws an error when the field for fixed-address does not match a valid IP.
13101 Bug Smart class parameter doesn't show puppetclass in api
13109 Bug Bookmark seeding ignores controller when checking for existing records
13112 Bug N+1 query on hosts#index from last report object

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