Security, bug fix and minor enhancements update to 1.5.0.


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Sprint 23


# Tracker Subject Story Points
3851 Bug Reports with errors on the puppet master side are not shown as failed
4250 Feature Expose compute profiles via API
2785 Bug clone method in managed.rb causes infinite loop
4612 Bug Typo in compute resource provider name : Ovirt instead of oVirt
5553 Bug Filter create/edit breaks if the resource type does not have a corresponding controller with 'autocomplete_search'
5637 Bug DHCP conflicts triggered for non-conflicting leases
5660 Bug All OS Mirrors are Shown in the Dropdown list
5664 Bug Users permissions on hosts are not working properly with organizations
5680 Bug Spaces in Config Groups name causes "Hosts" and "Host Groups" count summariess on 'Config groups' page to be zero
5689 Bug Plugin permissions are skipped during migration from old to new system
5690 Bug Taxonomy fact name not retrieved from settings
5754 Bug Cloud-init phone_home raise 500 error because of POST content

Sprint 24


# Tracker Subject Story Points
5708 Bug iPXE template fails with undefined method 'nil?' for Safemode::Jail (Token)"
5726 Bug [hooks] JSON supplied to Foreman hooks is missing data
5631 Bug API v2 - host and hostgroups should show all puppetclasses in child node
5645 Bug Undefined method session when default organization set
5648 Bug DHCP lease reading is done in the wrong order
5652 Bug vmWare Compute Resources not being honored
5671 Bug Stack trace due to audit table field being too short
5677 Bug Delete Host Failing
5685 Bug add :path_ids as argument to with_taxonomy_scope rather than with_taxonomy_scope_override for SmartProxy select dropdowns
5696 Bug Migration of Admin users from 1.4 -> 1.5 results in "Role Name_username" roles that cannot be removed and cleaned up.
5712 Feature ISC DHCP server times out
5739 Bug Host deletion finds irrelevant old leases
5755 Bug We should replace our repo files
5788 Bug before_destroy missing from EnsureNotUsedBy.new in SmartProxy model
5808 Bug AVC denied { read } for comm="ruby" name="migrate" dev=dm-0 scontext=unconfined_u:system_r:passenger_t:s0 tcontext=system_u:object_r:foreman_lib_t:s0 tclass=lnk_file
5810 Bug Statistics page is missing a title
5826 Bug Using dots in kickstart template names or hostgroups causes routing errors
5834 Bug Hosts: "." in the name is invalid - user is told this but the UI adds one anyway.
5836 Bug Main page - missing rel attribute
5856 Bug Cannot import environments, classes even with foreman 1.5.0
5869 Bug Accents etc should be permitted in user first and last names
5870 Feature Write policy for foreman-tasks
5907 Bug ip auto-suggestion broken after dhcp changes
5910 Bug Puppet or puppetmaster sometimes changes file contexts
5936 Refactor Unnecessary call to FactName.maximum slows down ENC
5941 Bug DHCP validation errors when proxy returns nil
5963 Bug Role function has_permissions? fails when called
5966 Bug execjs 2.1.0 drops Ruby 1.8 compatibility
6030 Bug vSphere guest OS list needs to be updated
6091 Bug Menu deletion doesn't work with sub_menu
6117 Bug Usergroup cache is not updated when modified from user direction

Sprint 25


# Tracker Subject Story Points
5879 Bug undefined local variable or method `scoped_search_definition' setting when setting permission filters
6191 Bug pry 0.10.0 dropped Ruby 1.8 support