Next major release of Foreman.

Foreman_114_Schedule for an overview of the schedule. Ignore the date here.


Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
7152 Bug Category strings not translated in foreman settings (Administer/Settings)
10930 Bug Dashboard titles and names are inconsistent
11127 Bug Host Build and Reboot shows template error when reboot fails
13237 Bug ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED when deleting DNS A record (dns_dnscmd plugin)
13455 Bug Unable to create host from template on libvirt compute resource: Failed to create a compute libvirt (Libvirt) instance host: can't convert nil into String
14023 Bug puppet-foreman does not allow for configuration of PassengerMaxPoolSize
14688 Feature Add power status to All Hosts page
14920 Feature Change dhcpd.conf to support EFI loaders
15095 Feature Add Puppet server environment_classes API support
15248 Refactor Remove 1.14 deprecations
15519 Feature Speed up host editing when using vmware compute resource
15834 Bug foreman-rake doesn't use foreman-ruby
16114 Feature Expose host parameters to GET /api/hosts
16207 Feature Allow users to provide custom hiera configuration
16372 Feature Convert the header logo to svg so that it scales better
16491 Bug upgrade rubocop to version 0.42
16512 Bug Settings-related functional test failures
16527 Refactor Replace where_values calls on Rails scopes/relations
16529 Bug Require rake/tasktask file when used in Rake test definitions
16530 Bug [Foreman] Redirect to dashboard on visiting "users/login" for an active session.
16545 Bug Host node YAML import calls AR finder with incorrect second argument
16557 Refactor Move tests into test/models, controllers, helpers dirs.
16567 Refactor Use constants to register Rails middleware rather than strings
16580 Feature Restrict and document access to BMC credentials
16619 Feature Set EC2 instance private IP address from Foreman interface IP
16625 Refactor Remove show_taxonomy_tabs?
16700 Bug Intermittent AboutIntegrationTest.test_0001_about page integration test failures
16717 Bug input_group_btn on New Host form generates copy of HTML in input field attributes
16718 Refactor Replace modifications to host list relation in host multiple action code
16725 Feature Plugin extension point to add smart proxy to foreman models
16760 Bug Cannot load concurrent ruby in smart proxy puppet V3 API
16766 Bug enable non-hash rocket hashmap syntax for rubocop
16785 Refactor Rename filter resource type for smart class parameters and smart variales
16786 Bug Don't call #to_sentence on model associations
16798 Refactor Move scoped_search definitions from parent STI classes to subclasses
16821 Bug AccessPermissionsTest does not pick up plugin permissions
16834 Bug Put docker interfaces pattern into `ignored_interface_identifiers`,
16860 Bug Smart proxy should use custom 404 page
16892 Bug SecureHeaders Unknown config directive image_src
16900 Feature broadcast and multicast mac should make a nic invalid
16907 Feature As a user, I expect the smart proxies page list of features to be sorted consistently
16935 Bug updating a NIC's "Device identifier" if it doesn't already have one fails if the "Device identifier" includes a . or :
16942 Feature next-server in dhcp.conf should be configurable via foreman-installer
16951 Feature Support IPv6 Compute Orchestration
16962 Bug [typo] web UI -> Infrastructure -> Domains help page
16987 Refactor Explicit building of facets
16990 Refactor Break apart AccessPermissionTest for easier plugin reuse
17011 Refactor Allow override of BUNDLER_CMD in foreman-rake
17044 Bug foreman-debug to collect whole newest (log)files instead of tailing all (log)files
17062 Bug changing --puppet-server-foreman-url does not restart puppetmaster/apache2 service
17069 Bug foreman-debug to collect whole newest (log)files instead of tailing all (log)files
17070 Refactor Unpin rabl for 0.13.1
17071 Bug IPv6 address incorrectly required with EUI-64 when mac is provided by compute resource
17095 Bug Interface facts not imported when Interface is in a different subnet
17125 Bug Allow windows service name to be specified
17133 Bug Puppet SSL certificate generated after Apache started from 'foreman' module
17195 Bug CVE-2016-8634 - Organization/location wizard may run stored XSS through alert
17236 Bug webpack source maps do not work
17296 Feature Allow unattended URLs to be accessed without host being built
17334 Bug Password criteria - show message (Your password cannot contain your username) but accept anyway
17340 Feature Assign IPv6 address to hosts on Rackspace CRs
17354 Refactor Test for idempotent operating system creation in Puppet fact parser
17406 Refactor upgrade packages to use nodejs version 4.x
17407 Feature Dashboard Widget that shows new hosts
17461 Bug Minor issue with message text
17468 Bug Build PXE menu responds with success alert when no TFTP proxies exist
17474 Bug db:import_dump does not clean existing database prior to re-importing
17491 Bug webpack:compile fails on ARMv8
17494 Bug Test fails because of the stray `end` in the test file
17535 Bug Associate a VMware VM to host with multiple NICs fails
17561 Feature Allow using #Dynamic in autoyast partition tables
17569 Bug React Chart Component Error
17838 Bug Untranslated title on "New Hosts" dashboard widget
17846 Bug api/v2/auth_source_ldaps/ API doesn't display Organizations and Locations assigned
17886 Bug config groups are in top level of ENC output
17894 Bug apipie cache generation with facets fails due to apipie doc dependencies

Closed Sprints

Team Daniel - iteration 2


# Tracker Subject Story Points
9117 Feature Update to secure_headers 3.x
16290 Refactor Move ipaddrjs from bundle to npm
16293 Refactor Move diffjs from vendor to npm

Team Ivan Iteration 2


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15846 Refactor Rename use_puppet_default in lookup values to skip_foreman

Team Marek Iteration 3


# Tracker Subject Story Points
4608 Feature role missing description
12535 Feature Expose config groups list in host yaml
14375 Feature Add a search box to the bookmarks page
14837 Bug Same description for import of environment and classes
16072 Bug Compute Profile sub panel shows parent Compute Resource panel after save.
16092 Bug Unable to reload VMware datacenters when wrong credentials are passed for the first time
16407 Bug Updating Puppet Environment - "Select the changes you want to realize in Foreman"
16414 Bug Configure -> Environments -> New Environment -> Name field "is alphanumeric and cannot contain spaces"
16614 Bug Filter label shows internal class representation for audits
16689 Refactor DRY similar code for controllers index

Team Daniel - iteration 3


# Tracker Subject Story Points
6372 Feature Users authenticated via external ldap contain no default context/location
6492 Bug IPMI boot and power unaccessible to non-admin users
10250 Feature Implement simple ssh BMC provider
12543 Bug Email id with latin,utf-8 is not accepted while creating user
13748 Feature Add initial javascript testing
13870 Feature Encrypt settings values
13424 Bug Add Patternfly donut charts support
16286 Refactor Move multiselect from bundle to npm
13936 Refactor Drop support for legacy browsers
9016 Bug Fact import code consumes lot of memory
16167 Feature Show list of allowed methods and attributes in UI
16218 Feature Add possibility to override log configuration for test environment
16562 Refactor Enable JS testing on CI
16564 Bug "Missing frozen string literal comment." rubocop violations on develop
16566 Bug secure headers should allow inline images in css
16624 Feature Make auth sources taxable
16643 Feature Allow user to know fact's origin
16797 Refactor Log pending migrations
17006 Feature Add SSH BMC entry to the BMC provider menu
17038 Refactor Improve js testing coverage reporting

Team Marek Iteration 4


# Tracker Subject Story Points
5673 Bug As a user wishing to manage roles and users, I cannot easily remove a role.
12864 Bug Changing role of user the ownership of its hosts gets removed & unable to edit users organization & location
13968 Bug Show errors when creating proxy even if /features returns an array
14277 Feature Add a description field to users
15926 Feature Add a new endpoint to get ENC values of a host
16803 Bug Plugin templates form is broken because of missing documentation anchor
16806 Bug foreman_url template macro can't be used outside controller context
16899 Bug All help buttons are broken

Team Marek Iteration 5


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16548 Bug Password enforcement should require provide current current password when changing password
17084 Bug Webpack dev server missing from CSP on "Welcome" pages
17103 Bug Provisioning templates are not usable for location when: "All provisioning templates" is checked for that location.
17120 Feature Allow custom name labels for setting category
17255 Bug Authorizer does not work for admin user if used for verification of permission only
17264 Refactor Remove duplicit admin check from Authorizer

Team Ivan Iteration 5


# Tracker Subject Story Points
7766 Bug ms_native dhcp smart proxy code scales poorly
16646 Feature Allow Foreman controllers to be extended to include fields from external plugins
17037 Refactor Replace Resolv::DNS#getname calls with Resolv::DNS#getresource

Team Daniel - iteration 6


# Tracker Subject Story Points
1556 Bug Puppet rdoc generation is broken in Foreman
11615 Bug Puppet class index "Environment and Documentaion" links broken
12156 Feature Edit Mail configuration in API and WebUI
16079 Bug ISC DHCP subnets fail to parse with host or class stanzas inside
16705 Bug grubx64.efi fails to boot with Secure Boot
17035 Bug Remove webpack provider plugin
17172 Bug SSH BMC provider does not return IP address
17248 Bug TravisCI tests fail on default node version due to missing --harmony_proxies argument
17460 Bug Set node.rb file context for Puppet 4
17488 Bug Add confirmation step to db:import task
17501 Bug Tooltips aren't displayed on dashboard widgets
17571 Refactor The foreman tools js module could be refactored to take advantage of some ES6 features
17611 Bug Unlocalized strings in details page of Configure -> Smart class parameters.

Team Marek Iteration 6


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15232 Bug Usergroup Inherited Roles are not shown to Users in "My Account/Roles" tab
16739 Refactor Unify common parameters permissions (global, os, domain)
16802 Feature Hammer CLI scap plugin install support via foreman-installer
16971 Bug CVE-2016-7077 - Association lists (for < 6 items) shown without authorization/filters
17403 Feature Allow exporting of templates

Team Ivan Iteration 6


# Tracker Subject Story Points
15874 Feature Log X-Request-ID by default
17238 Bug Able to override Smart Variable for non-existent attribute
17309 Bug Facets should survive class reloads in develop mode
17361 Bug `rake db:drop db:create db:migrate` doesn't migrate plugins
17439 Refactor Refactor facet base class to a concern.

Team Anurag Iteration 6


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16514 Bug When user is deleted and they still have an active session in browser, Dashboard Not Found error is shown
16828 Bug Cloned roles should have `builtin` value 0
17157 Bug inconsitent mapping of host owner
17343 Bug It is not possible to use empty list as value for optional parameters via API

Team Daniel - iteration 8


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17457 Bug multiple_checkboxes doesn't work with orgs/locs

Team Marek Iteration 7


# Tracker Subject Story Points
17487 Feature Allow sessions for API calls
17543 Bug freeipa_register.erb snippet automount fails when providing freeipa_server_server variable.

Team Ivan Iteration 3

# Tracker Subject Story Points
16125 Bug An owner_type of "Usergroup" is ignored when owner_id is not specified