First patch release of Foreman 1.13.x.

Foreman_113_Schedule for an overview of the schedule. Ignore the date here.


Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
13686 Feature armv8/arm64 Debian package support
15550 Bug SSL Certificate mismatch when installing with the installer
15703 Bug Cannot update organization using --media-ids flag
16492 Feature Add Gemfile to repository to provide "rake"
16553 Bug puppet-agent-oauth Jessie package is missing --local
16633 Bug Auth source controllers uses wrong permissions
16635 Feature welcome page should work for scoped models
16749 Bug Foreman performs extremely slowly when a puppet agent with a high number of IP addresses configured reports in
16805 Bug Host group change on host edit does not reload parameters etc.
16819 Bug TFTP Rebuild failed for host
16886 Bug Installer doesn't affect remote execution-related settings - cherry-pick request installer to 1.13
16898 Bug Dependency problems with foreman-installer
16952 Bug Removing ipv6 entries does not pass record type (AAAA) to smart proxy
16981 Bug Bump up the version of ruby in xenial to 2.3.1
17007 Bug Starting or canceling the build of a host fails if an ipv6 address is configured
17041 Bug Orchestration not skipped when importing facts

Closed Sprints

Team Daniel - iteration 2


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16449 Bug Taxonomy is detected too late during discovery

Katello - Team Brad - Iteration 3


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16525 Bug API hosts and hostgroups missing puppet proxy names

Team Marek Iteration 3


# Tracker Subject Story Points
13704 Bug Error when updating host location by name through API
15992 Bug Compute Resources with long names expand the table width on the About page.
10395 Feature Compute Profile (oVirt) limited to 8 Cores and 16GB of memory
5901 Bug Unable to select more than 8 cores in VMware template

Team Daniel - iteration 3


# Tracker Subject Story Points
12111 Bug Table or column widths
13104 Bug CentOS minor version numbering issue - preventing build
14545 Bug ActiveRecord::RecordInvalid: Validation failed: Description has already been taken, Title has already been taken
16652 Feature UEFI Grub2 support for non-intel architectures
16723 Refactor Lazy load data for dashboard widgets
16882 Bug Grub1 EFI searches kernel in grub/boot instead of boot
16887 Bug Display errors from compute resource in VM tab

Team Marek Iteration 4


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16737 Bug Folder level of ESX cluster not show correctly when there are more then 2 levels
16813 Bug Confusing error message on association not found error

Team Ivan Iteration 5


# Tracker Subject Story Points
16964 Bug Removing ipv6 entries fails with dns_nsupdate due to name lookup

Team Ivan Iteration 3

# Tracker Subject Story Points
16378 Bug check_override_selected checks changes not performed by user