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Sprint 28


# Tracker Subject Story Points
6763 Bug Both locations and organizations shown in search autocomplete
4111 Bug Add image user data flag to API
3105 Bug Foreman failed to filter certificates when locale is set to non english
7054 Bug /v2/api doesn't list all resources actions
7261 Bug Top level object hash marked as optional, not required in POST/create APIs

Sprint 29


# Tracker Subject Story Points
4642 Bug Intermittent test failures on rundeck functional tests
5692 Bug Puppet environment counters not updated
5896 Bug unable to set compute-resource's "Console passwords" option in API
6713 Bug Long names needs to be truncated while listing
6856 Bug Importing single environments not faster than importing all
6903 Bug "<br/>" in text when receiving error while deleting multiple hosts
6999 Bug CVE-2014-3590 - User logout susceptible to CSRF attack
7020 Bug Template: PGError: when comments in "audit comment" exceeds 255 characters
7247 Bug Create migration to fix incorrect counts caused by #5692 and related bugs
7257 Bug all facts returned if host has no facts
7297 Bug Virsh error handlers throw "uninitialized constant Proxy::DNS" error
7329 Bug host config group unique validation is wrong
7346 Bug Foreman can't connect to OpenStack port 5000
7388 Bug Policy module isn't reloaded when upgrading RPM
7409 Bug Cannot read an auth source ldap's host via the API
7436 Bug Missing i18n in host group deletion nested groups message
7483 Bug CVE-2014-3653 - Provisioning Templates Preview mode strips out text like <<FOO
7596 Bug Plugin dependencies throw undefined method `to_sym' for nil:NilClass error
7639 Bug Tooltip for storage/network sections stays visible in Edit Compute Profile
7729 Bug Websockify not allowed to read certs
7732 Bug DB migration error: undefined method `counter_cache_column' for nil:NilClass

Sprint 30


# Tracker Subject Story Points
7620 Bug When cloning host, old hostname is no longer shown
7737 Bug Change for issue 6999 broke logout for PAM-based (intercept) authentication
7738 Bug Some SSO methods may fail
7749 Bug Calling log_halt causes 500 internal server error on foreman proxy
7818 Bug 500 error in API v1 user/role functional tests: "Too deeply nested"