Patch release of Foreman 1.15

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Team Marek backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
19631 Bug ActiveRecord::RecordNotSaved when deleting compute resources with key pairs

Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
14699 Refactor Katello needs foreman's os_selected method to submit all form data
19034 Feature Create a task for clearing expired notifications
19524 Refactor Pin roadie-rails for Ruby < 2.2 compatibility
19534 Refactor Excessive amount of log messages around db field encryption
19597 Bug Rename temporary lease hostname
19599 Bug DHCP reservation deletion returns "null" string
19608 Bug kickstart_ifcfg_generic_interface template is broken
19612 Bug CVE-2017-7505: User scoped in organization with permissions for user management can manage administrators that are not assigned to any organization
19649 Bug DHCP lease prevents reservation creation with the same MAC/IP
19666 Feature Return record type for DHCP recorts
19672 Bug Plugins adding host bulk actions are broken in Foreman 1.15
19728 Bug Set User.current in rake console
19952 Bug audits no longer visible in 1.15 if user is not administrator

Closed Sprints

Team Ivan Iteration 13


# Tracker Subject Story Points
19213 Bug foreman_url doesn't respect provision_interface
19236 Bug Unable to delete Host in Foreman which has been delete in RHV already
19241 Bug warning: already initialized constant ARGV running foreman-rake console