Patch release of Foreman 1.15

Foreman_115_Schedule for an overview of the schedule. Ignore the date here.


Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
16807 Bug test mail button requires excessive priviledges
19266 Bug Foreman not starting because: Role is locked for user modifications.
19491 Bug Notification blueprint seed does not i18n properly
19930 Bug Plugins can break database migration by calling add_all_permissions_to_default_roles
19998 Bug New Feature: SSH keys deployed per user
20017 Bug Mail notifications not being sent
20038 Bug unqualified search on hostgroup page results in large memory spike and potential OOM
20049 Bug Retry various integration tests before failing
20104 Bug fix_db_cache needs to run with admin permissions
20137 Bug ssh key creation in User throws 'page doesn't exists' error
20141 Bug New role warning on filters tab should not be closable
20143 Bug Incorrect kind for Preseed default PXEGrub2
20241 Bug Fix test for mail notifications on 1.15-stable

Closed Sprints

Team Marek Iteration 16


# Tracker Subject Story Points
18855 Bug Role clone API call fails for roles with some organizations/locations assigned
20034 Feature Role for delegating administration of organization to an organization admin

Team Ivan Iteration 17


# Tracker Subject Story Points
20134 Bug Compute resource RHEV fail to load template configuration data