Patch release of Foreman 1.15

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Team Marek backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
20515 Bug User searching by login in code does not find the user because of missing unscoped

Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
17747 Bug Make foreman-debug aware of Puppet4
17770 Bug foreman-debug does not preserve timestamps of log files
18200 Bug Audit entries for encrypted oauth_consumer_secret created on app startup
18561 Bug Slow exec of delete_removed_facts on MySQL 5.6
19264 Feature Image list under operating system tab while provisioning a new host is not sorted
19417 Bug keep_params throws error if params don't contain top level hash
19947 Bug Can't create bookmark for global parameters
20212 Bug POST /api/v2/hosts does not return `parameters` attribute.
20271 Bug Safe mode rendering does not correctly prevent using symbol to proc calls
20272 Bug Filtering user/user groups/capsules/compute profiles/compute resources with invalid field shows Internal Error
20274 Bug Filter fixtures for plugins are created with many resource_types
20282 Bug Provide a more secure apache ssl.conf sslciphersuite configuration on by default
20306 Bug Satellite is not allowing recreation of SSH-key in Users
20321 Bug Cannot use foreman-rake import:puppet_classes on Foreman 1.15.1/Katello 3.4.2
20325 Bug ruby2ruby 2.4.0 breaks tests
20327 Bug Configuration Management Reports csv export does not respect org/loc context
20373 Feature Unable to select the latest VMWare ESXi hardware version when deploying a new machine
20401 Bug Allow pxe_loader in the Jail
20403 Bug compute profiles in host/group form aren't filtered by user permissions
20453 Bug When cloning a host, build mode is off
20483 Bug Some core permissions are missing from Manager and Organization admin roles

Closed Sprints

Team Ivan Iteration 17


# Tracker Subject Story Points
20209 Bug Cannot select image in RHEV compute profile

Team Marek Iteration 17


# Tracker Subject Story Points
19677 Bug Unable to edit localboot templates

Team Marek Iteration 18


# Tracker Subject Story Points
20248 Bug Exporting list of all hosts into a CSV file won't insert Environment, Hostgroup and Model information