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Sprint 19


# Tracker Subject Story Points
4215 Bug smart-proxy needlessly creates tmp/pids directory
4220 Bug dashboard events table and run distribution are too close

Sprint 20


# Tracker Subject Story Points
4367 Bug lib/kafo/validator.rb:67:in `engine': undefined method `name' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)
3596 Bug Foreman 1.3.0: Validation failed: User has this hostgroup already
3845 Bug user login session ending clears chosen organization
4221 Bug Unable to delete Compute Resource/Deassociate Compute Profile
3496 Feature SCSI Controller type selection for vSphere
3903 Bug Menu URLs when relative URL root is used are linking to /
3567 Bug Editing an oVirt compute resource can throw errors loading quotes while loading page
4125 Bug [Openstack] - host with auto assigned IPs can't be deleted
4268 Bug Spoof by hostname still searches by an empty IP and returns the wrong host
3519 Bug 500 error when creating a duplicate organization
3980 Bug Compute profiles not rendering Openstack attributes correctly
4159 Bug Thin provisioning for VMware disks in compute profiles can't be saved
4293 Bug Scoped search breaks on some relations
4298 Bug ldap auth should accept parens in firstname or surname
4300 Bug spice-html5-rails no map for 173
2726 Bug Smart Class Parameter - over-ride match value unable to set yaml
4234 Bug Cannot edit host's puppet parameters
4304 Bug Per-host fact search link under Ruby 1.8 broken
4307 Bug New VMware VM creation does not respect NIC type selection
4343 Bug undefined method [] for nil:NilClass on Puppet 3.5/master
4347 Bug undefined method [] for nil:NilClass during validations on Puppet 3.5/master
4388 Feature Update to Rails 3.2.17