First bug fix release for the Foreman 1.8 series. Approximate date, depending on urgency of fixes required.

Foreman_18_Schedule for an overview of the schedule


Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
4787 Bug popover click generates unused AJAX call
5554 Bug Smart Class Parameter override matches throw error when matching on multiple matchers
5568 Bug Possible memory leak in trends
5909 Bug Editing host fails for non-admin user with fact filter
7458 Feature Allow searching of hosts based on mac address (including all interfaces)
7515 Bug [ja_JP] Strings broken into two lines in 'Add Bookmark' dialog
7740 Bug Installing from VMware Image breaks distributed Port Group support
7743 Bug Duplicate OSes can be created
8333 Bug Incorrect matcher values with multi-key matchers
8593 Bug N+1 query on Puppet class index, looking up class_params
8817 Bug PGError: ERROR: missing FROM-clause entry for table "hostgroups"
9170 Bug Wrong nic order in libvirt domain
9240 Bug Using hashes via api fails with !ruby/hash:ActiveSupport::HashWithIndifferentAccess
9391 Bug subnet without organization/location and host using the subnet in org/loc => unable to set org/loc on the subnet
9506 Bug Filter with permission edit_config_groups is not actually limited by search expression
9617 Bug Creating compute profile on Vmware: undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass
9634 Bug Creating a host via API without OS set gives undefined method `boot_filename' exception
9687 Bug Provisioning Template Roles: view_template, edit_template doesn't render on 1.7.3 for non-admin
9773 Bug Default profiles templates create invalid URL's
9825 Bug Allow SMTP connections
9878 Bug Deleteing an external AD user-group should disassociate the users from the user-group associated
9884 Bug Disassociate external users on external usergroup deletion in WebUI
9966 Bug Add debug logging when host interfaces cannot be matched to VM interfaces
9982 Refactor Update fog to 1.29.0
10030 Bug Foreman fails to find VMware templates when they're in a folder
10123 Bug Api::V2::ExternalUsergroupsControllerTest fails with "Render and/or redirect were called multiple times"
10212 Bug Foreman allows multiple nics to have the same fqdn during provisioning
10228 Bug logs table needs index on source_id
10230 Bug Host clone does not work for non-admin users
10234 Bug Host/NicTest test failures
10269 Bug templates preview(spoof) should open in a new window
10275 Bug CVE-2015-3155 - The _session_id cookie is issued without the Secure flag
10298 Bug Unable to delete host: Unable to find IP address for ... can't modify frozen Hash
10305 Bug cloudinit like user data in vsphere compute ressource: missing part
10307 Bug Editing a host with "unattended: false" set in settings.yaml results in error.
10324 Refactor Performance issues with Foreman Proxy Puppet CA plugin and large CA inventories
10336 Bug foreman-rake prints "Workaround for RbVmomi may not work as ComputeResource is already loaded: #{ComputeResource}"
10342 Bug Failed to "Resolve Provisioning Templates" if host contain parameters
10343 Bug ActiveRecord::RecordNotSaved creating settings when Rails cache not functional
10355 Bug Import puppetclasses in 1.8 from foreman proxy is executed twice
10379 Bug Facts import error: no superclass method `setup_clone' for #<Host::Managed...>
10403 Bug Smart Class Parameter Overrides using the FQDN fact as a match no longer applies the override
10412 Bug On clicking 'Device_identifier info_box on add_interface form raises error: Operation FAILED: undefined method `fetch' for nil:NilClass
10420 Bug Using Run Puppet button fails on Foreman 1.8.0
10436 Bug dns update fails if dns_provider is nsupdate_gss and dns_key is uncommented
10441 Feature Time-based columns should sort by most recent item first
10482 Bug External user group refresh queries for group members twice
10493 Bug LDAP broken in 1.8 with $login in account name
10509 Feature Ability to disable syncing external user groups on login
10510 Bug "Invalid authenticity token" after login

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