First bug fix release for the Foreman 1.9 series.

Foreman_19_Schedule for an overview of the schedule


Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
4468 Bug Host page says "Reports from the last <blank> days" with reports only from the last day
6854 Feature foreman api status is restricted for admin only
9108 Bug It's not possible to overwrite a default value of a parameter inherited from parent host group in nested host group
9293 Bug Organisation menu doesn't auto-close
10133 Bug Massive db deadlocks in postgres from hosts_counter updates with counter_cache_fix.rb
10340 Bug AD auth hangs while syncing user groups on login
10850 Bug Uninstalling a plugin with a dashboard leads to "Template is missing" error in the ui
10929 Bug No way to add dashboard widgets?
10940 Bug Unable to use customrun puppet provider
11014 Bug insufficent space for subnet domain assocation force a line drop.
11095 Bug Host(group) edit -> when adding/removing puppetclass the current status of the lookup values is saved to DB
11111 Bug Select action dropdown menu should be right aligned
11149 Bug foreman-debug to collect two httpd katello.conf files
11170 Bug foreman-rake: setting complex parameters (arrays, hashes) broken?
11220 Bug PGError: ERROR: column reference "name" is ambiguous LINE 11
11231 Bug Period character in parameters causes 406 error
11258 Bug Can't update BMC through API without specifying provider
11312 Bug foreman should allow plugins to update the Rabl view_path
11379 Feature Audit search does not work with hostgroup/os titles
11428 Bug External user groups refresh is not case insensitive
11438 Bug ruby-rkerberos on debian could use an i386 package
11473 Bug Not able to set domain in interfaces initially
11619 Bug Can't seed locked templates
11621 Bug n+1 query on User groups index
11650 Bug Inherited variable fields empty in 'edit host' / 'new host' screens
11663 Bug Empty lookup value validated even when use_puppet_default is checked
11673 Bug API settings unquoted integer provided gives error
11727 Bug "User|Mail enabled" missing user friendly text

Closed Sprints

Sprint 30


# Tracker Subject Story Points
11339 Bug parameter unique index migration should account for duplicate data