Bug fix release for the Foreman 1.9 series.

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Release Backlog

# Tracker Subject Story Points
11375 Bug Smart class parameters turn YAML to string when using a multi line yaml
11934 Bug Installation fails on RHEL 7.2 beta
11945 Bug param_true? throws 'undefined local variable or method' error
11953 Bug Add bookmark via UI is not working in 'Provisioning Templates'
11980 Bug Test failures on Ruby 1.9.3, net-ssh 3.x requires Ruby 2.0 or higher
11999 Bug Foreman Puppet Class Import for Specific Environment Failing Due to Malformed Environment Name in API Query
12004 Bug API: cannot query environments by name
12015 Bug fog-google no longer supports ruby 1.9
12028 Bug multiselects are broken since the introduction of select2
12074 Bug rack-cache 1.3.0 is incompatible with Ruby 1.9.3
12089 Bug Unable to Associate OS to Provisioning Templates via API
12134 Bug Debian package missing lsb-release dependency
12151 Bug Import puppet classes in production environment throws error undefined method `values' for []:Array

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