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07:55 PM Foreman Feature #657: Physical location management/visualization
Unfortunately I'm not at a company with a puppet/foreman infrastructure anymore so I can't test.


03:33 PM Foreman Bug #1088 (Closed): Overly aggressive query
Clicking the facts tab results in the entire foreman installation hanging for 1 minute while it runs this monstrosity...


02:56 PM Foreman Bug #1074 (Resolved): run distribution graph too vague
See screenshot - the run distribution graph is too vague about timing.
02:46 PM Foreman Bug #1073 (Closed): Facts don't sort by default
Go to a host, click facts. Facts are displayed in random order (see screenshot)


01:49 PM Foreman Bug #909 (Closed): Host editing broken
When changing a host's host group with the additional-classes pane open, the classes list loses it's environment. Whe...


02:46 PM Foreman Bug #885 (Closed): VM deployment broken
failed to detect boot server: RestClient::ResourceNotFound
Failed to destroy Storage for Libirt instance foo...


09:18 AM Foreman Feature #723: Hypervisor details page
Processing Hypervisors::GuestsController#index (for at 2011-04-01 09:17:15) [GET]
Parameters: {"hypervisor...


04:10 PM Foreman Feature #792 (Closed): Dashboard should be default view
Dashboard should be the default Foreman view - it is an overview of what is going on, with navigation to other tasks..


12:03 PM Foreman Bug #740 (Closed): Clicking hostname in report list leads to oldest-first reports
This is a combo bug for #668 and #739. If you click the hostname, you should get either the host summary page or the ...
12:01 PM Foreman Bug #739 (Closed): Clicking hostname leads to 'search', not details
From the global facts page (all facts, all hosts) clicking the hostname leads to a search for the host. At best, you ...

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