Gauthier Delacroix




09:12 AM Katello Feature #11966: Multiple GPG Keys
The funny point is that RedHat workaround on Satellite 6 use Puppet...
09:03 AM Katello Feature #11966: Multiple GPG Keys
Any news about this one ?
Gitlab repos are also using multiple keys, but Puppet PC1 is the most blocking one.
08:59 AM Katello Feature #22957 (New): Synchronize GPG keys over HTTP(S)
Some GPG keys are made of multiple developer personal keys, and are likely to evolve through time.
This is the cas...
08:54 AM Katello Bug #22956 (Closed): Remove GPG key size limit
GPG key size is limited to 100000 characters.
Some products keys are longer (multiple keys).
Cassandra is a nice ex...

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