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12:54 PM Foreman Refactor #25952 (Closed): Unused function escaped_warning_chart_context
While working on I forgot to remove an unnecessary method.
boaz shust


01:01 PM Foreman Feature #25618 (New): Use PF3 delete confirmation dialog
Move the delete confirmation dialog to PF3-react component[1].
This is one of the things that are required to move t...
boaz shust


11:19 PM Foreman Bug #25362 (Closed): Reset page to 1 when selecting per page
While working on the models table, I realized that the page should be reset to 1 when selecting per_page.
To repro...
boaz shust


10:42 AM Foreman Bug #25203 (Closed): view chart buttons sometimes disappear after clicking
On the fact values page (Monitor -> Facts) clicking on the view chart button makes the button disappear.
Looking at ...
boaz shust


11:01 AM Foreman Bug #24870 (Closed): When Setting has a "empty" default, the tool tip shows an empty string.
Applied in changeset commit:cbfa3f4b221c5b4bbe1ec8cff505e933781797b9. boaz shust
10:04 AM Foreman Revision cbfa3f4b (foreman): Fixes #24870 - show a setting does not have a default value (#6089)
Signed-off-by: Boaz Shuster <> boaz shust


09:46 AM Foreman Bug #24261 (Resolved): pagination CSS is wrong on assign hosts for taxonomy
#24643 fixes this boaz shust


09:00 PM Foreman Bug #12467: Change avatar make error 'undefined local variable or method `old_avatar''
fixed in 1.20.0-develop. boaz shust
08:25 PM Foreman Bug #15307: Foreman API: GETing /api/hosts with per_page=-1 triggers database error
Can't reproduce it on 1.20.0-develop.
Seems to be fixed.
boaz shust


01:06 PM Foreman Refactor #24782 (Closed): Show hosts count in API
Move host counts information from helpers to the API.
Part of moving HW Models page to React.
boaz shust

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